lux et veritas rarasaur 100

100 / EGBO

egboSometimes, we stumble.  Sometimes, we fall.  Worries nettle, and panic resounds– if the wind blows just right, life might stick like this forever.

Saturate yourself with hope, until you are too full for such worries.

You will see:
Life keeps its own balance, and not even trouble stays in perpetual motion.

Energy transfers, so lighten your load.  Let go of whatever prevents you from charging yourself.  Catch a burst, and ride it through your journey of choice.

You will land. You will stand.

You will see:
Life is on your side. The wind has your back.
Everything’s gonna be okay.


  1. You know, I’ve never ridden in a hot air balloon. Maybe one day. I’ll get a top hat, a frock coat, and I’ll pack a picnic.

    And while I sail among the clouds, I’ll be happy to munch on a sandwich while watching the world pass by underneath.

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    1. Hot air balloons are amaaaazing! Even the tethered ones are worth it. The world gets small, but crystal clear, and the clouds let you in like you’re an old friend. It’s the best. Well, I suppose going on a hot air balloon with a sandwich would be the BEST… so it’s the second best. 🙂

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      1. I wouldn’t want to do a tethered one. There’s something about the chaos of being at the wind’s whims that appeals to me. Landing is an adventure, and having a top hat increases the chance that people will want to go on it with me. Or at least, that’s the plan.


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    1. Thank you, Kate. I think you’re amazing, too! The graph paper took over the rainbow stripes because the stripes are a default-stock-background choice and I ran into a horrible site using the same thing… so, it took the fun out of it a bit for me. But I’m planning a massive redesign in the next few weeks anyway– assuming I can fix any of my life since I have a currently-broken car, no computer, a fever, and a Rarasaur without a left hand. But one I get that sorted, onto the next burst! I want the site to, at a glance, welcome people into this community and also show that it’s more than just a blog– stuff happens here. Frightfully wondrous stuff. Sometimes I feel like all my links out to great things get lost in the fray. Hopefully my redesign efforts give them a chance to shine.

      And that was a really long answer to a simple question. Sorry! 🙂 ❤

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        1. The car is rickety, for some reason. We keep taking it to mechanics who say it’s working, but it stops and rattles everywhere we go. So, not fine. I’m afraid when they finally figure it out it’s going to be ridiculously, life-stoppingly expensive.

          My computer died. She doesn’t even turn on. Dave’s computer runs for short bursts at a time, so I’m able to use that in 10 to 20 minute segments. My actual hand is all bruised up because I lost my wrist bands back before the crate post and they don’t take well to my computer usage. My polymer clay dinosaur lost her hand today, completely.

          It’s been a long week. 🙂 But, you know… EGBO. 😉

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  2. Rainbowing must feel easy from high up in the sky…maybe. Apparently being in a hot air balloon is very peaceful (apart from the burners). I don’t know whether I’d like it or not. I LOVE watching them though.

    And yes. Catch the burst. GONNA!

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      1. Were they? I just imagined them to be quite noisy.

        There used to be a hot air balloon festival down the road from me each summer, when I was a child, and I can remember being woken up early to see the tops of the balloons poking up above the trees, and sometimes they’d all take flight, ascending into the clear skies, with the rasping of the burners echoing across the coolness of the summer dawn. My sister and I used to sit on the windowsill in my parents’ room and watch and watch and watch.


        1. I’m sorry, chica, you can always reach out if you need a dino-ear to rawr into. My email is open, or if you prefer another method, it’s all out there. I had a pretty dynamically bad weekend, but, I’m hoping for a great week. 🙂


    1. Back in the day, I hear there was a radio show or some such that used EGBOK. They had pretty red buttons … I think I need a pretty red EGBO button badge as soon as I can make a computer work long enough to make it happen. 🙂

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  3. So sorry about your computer, hand, and car woes (perhaps in that order?). You might consider reimaging Dave’s computer since it turns on. Also check to make sure the fan is running. I am typing without a right pinkie finger (it’s still attached but I dinged it on the freezer door more than a week ago and it still hurts — have it in one of those finger splint things but am amazed at how well the hands adapt to typing without a digit), which is much less painful than the loss of a dino hand. And cars? Yikes. Our truck has not been doing its best since spring and will cost more than I can count to fix most likely and Claus (my car) is three years behind on servicing … nuff said.

    However, EGBO makes it better. Thank you.

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      1. Hee hee…Rara…it’s so good to see you on here…last time I popped by, which is a bi-annual occurrence these days, you were gone…I know life has been a bitch of late (understatement) but you can’t keep a Rarasaur down! 🙂

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