100 / flying blind

I’m not fat,
I have a heavy heart
and a spine of steel,
and too much baggage
for overhead compartments.

I’m not lost,
I forgot my way
except where I came from.

I’m not gold,
I pocketed glitter
on the way down
because it could have been
the sun.

I’m not falling,
and neither is the sky,
and neither are the stars.

It was a leap of faith,
but I’m not landing.

It was a leap of faith,
but I’m not crashing.

I’m not light,
but sometimes glitter
falls around me,

and it feels an awful lot

NanoPoblano, NaBloPoMo



I had a super weird dream last night featuring all the basics (and some bizarro add-ons like abusive sushi)— but no flying or falling.

Do you fly or fall in your dreams?



    1. Nah, I pretty much just ran from it the whole time while it yelled wasaaaaaabbbbiiii.

      No flying or falling… I think that’s good, probably. Maybe. Who knows, dreams are such a mystery to me. 🙂

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  1. I have had some pretty bizarre dreams lately too. I have had levitation dreams but not flying. Definitely some falling dreams…those are awful and for a while plagued me. I only have them every now and then of late. The other night I dream-pt that I met a psychic who told me I had a brain tumor and only a year to live. She said it was my time and even if I chose the route of having it removed that something else would inevitably claim my life. Too too weird. LOL

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    1. Yikes! That sort of dream would terrify me, but I tend to be a little paranoid. 🙂 Even the sushi dream had me wound up. 😀

      Maybe it’s the wind causing all this crazy in our dreams?

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  2. I fly in my dreams. “Hitchhiker’s Guide” tells you how to fly: just throw yourself at the ground and miss!

    I learned to do that long ago in my dreams. It’s like taking a really long jump — you just keep on going, and going, and going and don’t think about the ground. That almost sounds like a metaphor for life, now that I think about it…

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  3. I spend most of my dreams thinking “this is going to make no sense when I wake up”.
    If you aren’t falling or flying, then you are gliding! A lot of birds do that- they go really high, spread their wings, and glide.

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  4. When I “fly” I’m either riding a bike in the air (like 20 feet off the ground) or driving a car in the air (although, normally I drive cars through parking garages that morph into office buildings and then back again – in cars I’m always being chased).

    I have never dreamt myself flying without some sort of machine. I never fall, although sometimes in a car, I crash. I am always frightened of the height when I’m on the bike. And there is always something going on below me that has my attention.

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  5. Nope, no flying here. Running, hiding, scheming, sure. Probably if I wanted nicer dreams I’d have to change quite a bit of my before bed reading material. As it is the last big nightmare involved a modern day Henry the Eighth trying to kill John and I so I invited my entire extended family over for a pot luck. We were going to feed him to death. I thought it was a good plan, but it was very much lacking in glitter.

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