my name is ra.

i’m a dork.


    1. Love, letting nature care for you, caring for nature, caring for the world… yep, that sounds like a day perfectly suited for you. πŸ˜€ Happy Thanksgiving. ❀


  1. We’re very fond of dorky rarasaurs, that’s why we read all your posts lovely lady. Ha! funny joke πŸ™‚ It sure feels like that sometimes and sometimes the man is wearing a spiky hat and we’re sitting on it. Love, peace and joy, Ra, ❀

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    1. I’m glad there’s appreciation for the art of the dork, a style I have in spades. πŸ˜€ I looked trainwrecked in this video since it was the morning I spent crying (the day Rarasaur lost her arm, and the car broke, and the computer broke, etc, etc)… that was definitely a day when the man was wearing a spiky hat! πŸ˜€

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      1. Ra, you looked calm and serene. A little tired maybe but definitely no train wreck. I hope Rarasaur’s arm is mended…and the car and the computer and all the etcs. I don’t like to think of you having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. You’ve had enough of them ❀

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  2. Have you tried epoxy glue? I don’t know much about glue but I know that Exby used to use that epoxy stuff on EVERYTHING. Poor rarasaur. I was sad to see her broken arm.

    I like your joke but it’s not how I see you.

    You’re magical.

    You remind me of the story within the story of The Secret Garden, where Mary is telling Colin a bedtime tale her ayah used to settle her with – of the little boy who was a god, and when you looked down his throat you could see the whole universe.

    I wonder if you might be the teller of the tale, but secretly also you know that you have the universe within you – black holes, fresh, baby stars, thriving worlds, and gigantic space-storms…all contained within you, if we just know where to look.

    You are magic. It’s in your voice and in your hands when you talk. It’s in your thoughts and the way you build people. It’s in your heart and in your neurones and all through your being.

    I see things. I know things.

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    1. Aw, Lizzi. Thank you. I think the magic here comes from the community, not from me– and their ever patient and understanding zen in the face of anything odd or unexpected. There’s magic in peace, a calm in the center of the β€˜verse, that I definitely see here, but I just don’t think it has quite anything to do with me. πŸ™‚ And also, I love-love the Secret Garden… though I love The Little Princess more. πŸ™‚

      As to Rarasaur, I haven’t tried to repair her yet. Anthony ( gave me some good ideas when he and the family came over last week to check on things, so I think I will follow through with that when I have a couple of days off in a row. πŸ™‚

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      1. Then you are a catlyst, if nothing else, dear Sparkly One. They are a marvellous community, and I love seeing their interactions, and how much they LOVE.

        (still need to read The Little Princess)

        Glad you have a Rex on the job. Hope the fixing goes well πŸ™‚ ❀

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  3. Dork’s are my favorite kind of people. Though I’m going to agree, you are rather more magic than dork. Magical dorks are a fantastic special combination that might only come in dinosaur form. Rare and wondrous!

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    1. Thank you. It’s hard to believe from how camera shy I am, but I am actually quite the people person. I wanted to say hey directly. πŸ™‚ Thank you for listening. ❀

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  4. The Dork Tribe! πŸ˜€ See, I knew you were one of my people! πŸ˜‰

    Seriously sweetie, I’ve always thought of you as one of the cool kids.

    Wish you were joining us for Thanksgiving. *hugs* Thankful for you, for knowing you. ❀

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  5. It’s so good to see your beautiful face and hear your wonderful voice! I like dorks! Tomorrow is today…it’s almost 7 am on Thursday, Thanksgiving. I’m still sick! It has been a month and two days since the first sign of my sore throat. I can’t get rid of it. So I am home. I couldn’t go to my son’s in Seattle because my daughter in law is pregnant and I don’t want to get her (or anyone else) sick. I’ll blog. If it warms up (it’s 24 degrees right now and everything is covered in ice outside) I think I will head out to Denny’s. They do a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Only I’ll go for lunch maybe.

    In any case, I’ll also be thinking about what I am grateful for which includes my three adult kids, their significant others (well two out of three), my two grandsons, and the new baby which we found out yesterday is also a boy! And I should also give thanks that I am alive and my cancer surgery last April was successful. And I will pray that I remain healthy to enjoy my treasures, which include my dork friends!

    I hope you have a wonderful day, today and every day.

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  6. I am not sure if you are a dork.
    You are so sweet Ra! My daughter saw your dinosaurs and said “bear” which is one of the 5 or so words she can say…
    I am celebrating tomorrow, we are going to be 4 generations and 19 people, and that in a country where no one celebrates Thanksgiving.
    Have a nice Thanksgiving πŸ™‚

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