peopling and planning

I’ve been posting every other day to my “How to People” section. They’re set as pages so you won’t get emailed notifications, but feel free to check in periodically.

There’s no pretty structure to the posts, just a story to go with a bit of advice, and sometimes practical tips, and sometimes a picture of a robot.  (I also just turned page likes on again.  I took them off of all pages because it adds a like button under the rotating selection of excerpts from random posts I highlight on my homepage .  Which is ugly, but apparently necessary until I go into the CSS and do some coding after Christmas.)


I hope you are peopling in awesome, kind, and gentle ways.

Speaking of which, I want to say hey to all the newbies who stopped by via WordPress Discover this week.  I appreciate you taking the time.


And I want to send my love and thanks to all my Best Beloveds for making the newbies welcome.  You always take the time to share my posts, introduce me to wonderful new friends, and drop a kind word or loving like.   You are an awesome community.  I don’t know how you are with peopling, but I know you know how to care for a blogging dinosaur.  You are my favorite part of blogging, and I am grateful.


What is something awesome or kind that you’ve witnessed (or done) recently?  Have you already started making end of the years plans?

Would anyone be interested in participating in another C4C this year?  It’s the event where bloggers offer company through the holidays, in shifts, for those who maybe don’t have anyone else with whom to share some eggnog?


  1. I’m not sure I’m up to c4c this year. What with caring for the husband and all that goes with it, I’m kinda tired. BUT…..I will be around for the holidays, so if anyone needs someone, I’ll be there. 🙂

    As for witnessing something nice….my online friends are great! They get me through the hard times and lift me up with their love. I’ve already had some great things happen to me because of my friends. 🙂 It will be a good Christmas despite the hardships of the year.

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      1. It’s ‘Company 4 Christmas’ (c4c) and yes it’s an actual thing. Bloggers come online and set up a special place for other bloggers to come and visit as many are by themselves for the holidays. It’s a way to help other bloggers who are alone, lonely, or depressed and just need someone to talk to. It’s been going on for several years now.

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  2. Hey. You’ve been WP Discovered? I’m confused bc youve been here for years. Congrats anyhow. I don’t people well because I’m a cynic. A strange thing warms my heart. During this time of the year some people give with time, which is a physical and tangible show of support. Other people donate gold coins or large sums of money. The non cynic in me hopes the money is well used because people who donate it trust that it will be. ❤

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  3. I *love* peopleing. I had the interesting trial today of spending time with two quite silly 21 year-olds, who were naive and dumb in some very irritating ways, but I kept reminding myself that compassion isn’t just for people who I like or admire or want to be around, but that I need to practice it to ALL people. So I was mostly quite good to them and tried not to roll my eyes TOO much at their inanity, and in the end I had a reasonable chat with one of them, which was good.

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  4. If “peopling skills” were a virus that could be caught over the internet, we, should become very proficient, because a little dinosaur I know is a consummate teacher ❤

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  5. I think I’d like to participate in C4C this year. How does one sign up?
    Something good…there are too many to choose from, really. People can and will be awesome.


  6. It depends on my plans and work schedule, but I’m cautiously interested in c4c this year. I’m not super great at peopling, especially in large groups, but I’m pretty good at listening most of the time.
    Something awesome was all the love expressed to me in so many different forms following the loss of Calypso.


  7. I’m really enjoying your #peopling series so far, particularly the ‘never return an empty bowl’ philosophy. I’m not bad at peopling most of the time. I’m definitely a lot more confident with groups and new people than I have been in previous years, partly as i’ve just thrown myself into uncomfortable situations and they turned out to not be that bad. I’m definitely a good listener rather than the loudest voice in the room though. I still have room to grow though which i’m planning to right about at the end of the year.

    I’m interested in c4c. If I understand it right from the website, someone will make a post and we just comment. I’m sure I can find time over Christmas to take part in that.


  8. I can do C4C. How, where do I sign up?

    I have been busy but have missed stopping by to read your posts. I’ll fix that this week! I think I just have to make time because time is not going to make itself!


  9. I might be in for C4C this year since I may be home alone for all or part of the break coming up. It will be a great distraction from packing and panicking, ha ha. 🙂


  10. As I’m not yet sure if I’m going to be able to resume blogging, I can’t sign up for c4c this year, but it’s the sort of thing I think that the community would be behind.

    We’re about to go into a 3 day retreat, but I’m hoping to be able to see the Prioress during that time, at which point I might have some answers.



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