sometimes i write

Sometimes I write
and the stories I tell
are so real
that I relive them.

Sometimes I write
and the words I scribe
are too big
to even read them.

Sometimes I write
with readers in mind
and do what I can
to please them.

And sometimes I write
the words hiding away
who seem frightened
I finally freed them.


      1. Yes, it’s going to be discussed by one of the committees as the new Prioress doesn’t want to make the decision without consulting others in the community. I have no idea when that will be, but I’ll make sure you know what the answer is. Xxx

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    1. Yes, some of my posts come out in a few minutes without any worries– and it isn’t until the re-read a day later where I think, “Ouch.” šŸ™‚ Thanks for getting it, and for reading. ā¤

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  1. Sometimes you write
    With soul-deep words
    Which help our hurts
    And heal them

    Sometimes you write
    With wonderous ways
    Which spark our minds
    And feed them

    Sometimes you write
    Such heart-balm words
    We drink them in;
    We need them

    Sometimes you write
    And we write back
    Connection is words
    We breathe them.


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  2. This is amazingly written. It hits on so many points that I believe people who blog think about. Do I write for the audience? Do I write for myself? Who is really benefiting from my stories? This is so poignant on many levels. What I love is that in the depth of the poem there is simplicity.



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