your words here?

The last two weeks of January are busy times for me. To keep the energy up and the posting consistent, I usually open up my space to guest bloggers.

This coming year is no different, and I am excited to have a series of really wonderful posts lined up, from extremely talented bloggers. I asked these bloggers to write to a theme.  I asked them to write a true story where I am a random passerby, a subnote, or character that intersected in an unexpected way.


At some point, something in my life collided with something in their life.  Maybe it was a similar success or tragedy at the same time, or maybe it was a twist in my story that put a turn in theirs.  Maybe I was just a side character in a longer story– a letter from prison that sits in the middle of a table where a family eats dinner, a stop at a local store to buy a dinosaur toy.  I am a peripheral character in the stories they are going to be telling you, and it amazes me how big the world seems when you see it from the scattered tales of peripheral vision.  So very big, so very small, and so very beautiful.

And now I’m asking if you’d like to join the fun… if you can do it in 250 words or less.

My main guest bloggers will have their own posts here, with intro paragraphs, like normal– but I was thinking there’s room for others who might have a story to tell.  I’d like to stack two to four mini tales of sonder in a single post.

I plan to start the collection of these Sonder files today, with two example posts — sharing stories about people who unknowingly and unintentionally intersected with my story.   This way, you will have a working sample in case you’d like to add to the net we will be weaving next month.

To be clear, I’m looking for your true stories, 250 words or less, where my existence plays into the story but is not the focus.  If you’re game, just send me an email–


Are you looking forward to January?  Do you forgive me in advance for my three post day?


    1. Ha! I have this image of you now, internetting and poeming in a confessional booth. :D. I like your multi posts. They’re my pre-dinner binge-read tradition…. one of the few traditions I was able or willing to come back to.
      … no pressure or anything. 😉

      January will be the start of a wonderful year. I feel so very sure of it.

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    1. I’m excited for it. The guest posts I’ve received so far are just awesome. Different voices, lives, stories… And yet somehow connected, sometimes obviously, sometimes barely. ❤

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  1. Somewhat looking forward to January, break will be over but a new year. Of course I forgive the three post in a day…nothing to forgive really, love reading your words. Hope you have a grand and wonderful start to the new year 🙂

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    1. Give it a shot! I do a regular series of 100 words, but I thought 250 was good number– so I could combine three in a post and make them all readable. 🙂


  2. Imagine me, draped dramatically and diagonally across my cat-scratched used work chair: “I am SO looking forward to January!”

    I’d like to join in this Sonder business if you’ll have me!

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