a sonder file: picture,v. VI

It’s Bill Friday! He’s sondering us even farther back in time, to a blog meetup that never happened for him, but simply became vague journal footnotes in a future friendship. Today, we talk about the space between two paths, far before anyone knows that they will one day cross.

Welcome to the Sonder Files.


“You should go.”

I was told, for reasons I still don’t understand.  The logic of those who will not explain themselves always baffles me.  I am intuu.  A human who feels the shit of other humans, but often can’t explain it without a chip from the Rosetta Stone of life to guide me.  Without this chip, this key to unlock the feelings and turn them into words, I am more often lost than the one, for whom, all of life is a path they walk with blinders on.

“But I don’t do people, least of all strangers.”

I responded, defensive.  I had grown so defensive of this other one’s opinions that I no longer asked why.  I simply, and sometimes directly, said no.  Of course, there were the pictures.  There are always pictures on the internet.

So, I looked.

I looked at a scene, of all the strangers.  Some familiar, others totally alien to me.  All of them within minutes of my own backyard.  None ever to be within arm’s length of my daily existence.  Hugs and handshakes.  Faces mugging for 8 megapixel memories.  Every one acting out the good time they were expected to have.

Except one.


All the rest forgotten against a backdrop of celebration.  But one and only one, remembered.  Bookmarked in my intuu mind for future reference.  One, whose smile never quite reached her eyes.

Until the requisite time the Universe required.  And the eyes, and the smile, became one.

© Copyright 2016 William S. Friday


Bill and I first met after I got home, and since then, he has been the type of local friend that I can and do call on for pretty much anything– from panicking about cat bowel movements, to trying to find a mechanic.   If you don’t know him, now’s your chance, and it’s a perfect day to meet him because it’s his birthday!! Go on, wish him a happy new year. {One of the greatest things about life, is how we get so many chances to start over, and celebrate each restart, and share those celebrations with the strangers-who-might-be-friends-in-hiding around us.} But before you run off to his place, leave him a little comment here to let him know you’re thankful he sondered. It’s these types of messages that remind us that life unfolds as it can and does, and so rarely ever consults our calendar first, or checks to see if we planned to be friends with the strangers who cross our path.


Happy Birthday, Mr. Friday.


  1. Nothing but love for Mr. Friday. How great it was to finally meet you, and I guess we have sweet Ra to thank for that. I, like you Mr. Friday feel what people feel and social interaction can be scary for me. I don’t think most people know that, well maybe Matt knows that cause he just knows stuff, and Ra knows…because I confide with her, but I don’t think most people know. It’s particularly scary when you are meeting people that you already have some affinity for, afraid to disappoint, afraid they may not be what you thought, afraid of being awkward/misunderstood. I was a little shocked actually at how un-awkward it was, the first and the second meetings with my blokin. We are sort of a family, and it does feel like that. I felt an instant kinship when I met you. You are a good egg Mr. Friday. Of course we also are both Expats, but Ra seems to be a common thing that draws us all together. 🙂

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  2. I am late to the party as usual. Happy Birthday, Bill. (Although technically I’m a day late.) I like that name. It’s a variation of my late father’s nickname. He went by it most of his life.

    Here’s to a great year! (Or hoping for the best, at least, right?) ❤

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  3. I remember that get together as well. I was on the flip side of that coin, I desperately wanted to go, but I had just moved away from LB.

    Very well written, as usual, when written by Bill Friday 🙂 Thank you for sharing this with us.



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