good morning, bear.

Welcome to the world. We’re all so happy to have you here.

The sun smiles a little more widely.
The fog dances a little more wildly.
The ocean splashes a little outside her lines.
The stars stay out a little past their bedtime.

They’re so happy they get to see you now.   You are so important.

There’s never been a you before, so seeing you reminds them:

Goodness can be born in a blink.
Champions can be made in a moment.
Little feet can make big impact.

The world is birthing her own medicine– little hands that will become bigger hands, bigger hands that might just refuel her with joy and health.

Anything is possible.
It’s safe to be a little brave.

But of course you know that,  you’re too new to have forgotten.

Could you hear your mom’s thoughts when you lived inside her?  She doesn’t share them with everyone.  You’re very lucky.    Do you remember floating?  We all forget eventually.   You’re very blessed.

Maybe one day, if you stay gentle, you’ll be privileged to the quiet thoughts of a graced thinker again.   Maybe one day, if you work hard,  you can visit your stars and float in space again.

Does it feel oh-so-very wonderful to be free,  and yet oh-so-very terrifying?
I understand.

Does being alive in such a different world feel exciting and uncertain, all at once?
I understand.

You’re too young for the story of why I understand so well.   The story of why you didn’t hear my laugh while you were floating.  The story of why you haven’t heard my voice just yet.

You’re too small for big stories, which is why you’ll have to find a book or twenty to love.   Keep listening.   Become a strong reader,  so you’ll be able to carry any story you want, no matter how young you are or how heavy it is.

You will get bigger,  little Bear, but you are small now, so I will tell you a small story:

Everything’s gonna be okay.
You are loved.

It is a gift, yours for the keeping.  You’re welcome to plant it deep in the Earth when your little feet become big feet,  when your little hands become big hands, so that you can make sure your sun, and your stars, your ocean, and your fog, know too.

I know it for certain, even though I don’t know much about life or how to live it,  and by the time you’re old enough to really understand what I mean by that, I’ll probably know even less.

But I do know how very loved you are.  I loved you with all my heart before I even knew you were coming.

And I also know,  it’s okay to be a little brave,  because no matter how a day feels or a page in a story sounds….

Everything’s gonna be okay.

Okay– or better.
Better, and gentle.
Gentle and brave.

Just like you.

Good morning, Bear.
Welcome to the world.


  1. I see a children’s book in the making (although I always seem to see a book with you, because I love books so, and your writing is dreamy, always.) Even the sad part where you don’t get to be there when you want to, because loving from afar is enough.
    Wishing you better and gentle and brave. (And yes, when a best friend has a baby it’s basically yours.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Jen. Loving from afar is still a big love indeed and I’m glad his mom knows that. 🙂 So she can explain it to him. (And yayyyy, I was sure that’s how it works. 🙂 )

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful beautiful! I always find it hard to think of a comment to write on your posts that do justice to the post – that might sound corny, but it’s true. As I’ve said before I really don’t think you fully appreciate quite how incredible a writer you are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! I like toddlers best, myself, and I’m exceptionally popular with 5 to 8 year old, but babies are interesting too. But I completely get not being a big fan of them. .. kids are crazy. 🙂 Thank you for reading!


  3. I love this.

    You are one of three bloggers’ posts I save to read when I have time or when I need to. One is my daughter-in-law. She turned me on to you. And a woman in Scotland that I ran into last year in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge.

    Thank you for your insight and gentle nature. And for sharing with us.

    Liked by 1 person


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