episode 2 – doodad dos


    1. ๐Ÿ˜€ Compatible. That’s just truth. Thank you for listening, and for taking the time to give me some tips– I appreciate it muchly! โค


    1. Thank you, Di. Only the Cummings poem was poetry, the rest was just me babbling in circles. I usually take my thoughts and separate them out into several drafts and make posts out of all of them instead of of just talking in circles, but this is fun for now. I’m enjoying it and I’m glad you did too. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Really sad to hear about your brother, soul sister. That monster of a disease seems to be seeping into a lot of the lives of those I love & more & more each day.

    ..but everything you said is true. You need no spirit-lift from me.
    You get it.
    & You’re doing the best thing with that knowledge
    -sharing it. โค

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  2. Good Morning, Ra!

    I listened to your Audcast at the early morning hours when I awoke and could not fall back asleep immediately. Your voice, and your writing, have a way of making me feel understood for who I see myself as… and meanwhile, inspiring me to “find the words” as delicate a task that it is. I treasure your courage. โค Your intellect, and I am just so grateful that I call you my friend. I โค your audcast, and I


    with you,

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