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… on the road again…

I don’t know if you know, but I took a break from social media lately, which makes it hard for me to share posts that I’m really excited about.

I don’t know if you know, but I am part of a post I’m really excited about today, over on Beth Ann’s blog today.

I don’t know if you know Beth Ann, but she’s a fabulous blogger.  She wrote letters to me through my days in prison, so I can go past that and assure you– she’s a kind writer in all mediums.  She invented a project called Comments for a Cause where she donates $0.50, up to $500 for every comment she gets on her blog through the month.  Every month is dedicated to a charity that inspires her.

I don’t know if you know, but Comments for a Cause this month is dedicated to the Women’s Prison Book Project.  I talked about here, in this post called No Words, and Beth Ann asked me to expand upon it.  It accidentally became a piece about being a widow, and for those who follow the audcast, and read between the lines, a piece about being a little sister afraid to lose her brother.  It’s a piece about books, and how they save us.  It’s about how being a reader changes how you see life, and so it changes the life you live.

I would appreciate if you went over and said howdy to Beth Ann for giving this spotlight to an organization that is so very close to my heart, and for following up that spotlight with the sort of gift that might just change a life.  The Women’s Prison Book Project changed mine, after all– and that’s no exaggeration.

So please, spread the word, because I can’t really right now.
Read my story, if you have the time, and leave a comment to be another part of the magic


Because I don’t know if you know,
but you’re already magical to me.  Just by being here.  I just re-read that post, and teared up.  Every time I read something about then, I’m filled with profound gratitude for now.

Thank you for being a part of my story, and letting me be a part of yours.


[Comments closed here because I want you to go over there and say hey, and I’m sneaky.  Catch you at Beth Ann’s today.  We’ll talk there. <3]