rom com status

Even though I’ve watched only three movies since coming home (Halloween, Inside Out, and South Paw), my mind constantly replays romantic comedies throughout my day.  Sometimes– often– there are snippets of script that explain the complex relationship I have with things, entities, and intangibles.

I walk around in love, and that love creates a sort of relationship between myself and my intangibles.  When I struggle with something, I consider it a stage in the relationship sometime before the end-credits kiss, just a scene we have to get through together.   I’ll even quote a movie aloud, to myself, as my various relationships have challenges.

Here are some examples:

Two Tweets Notice

Ra and Social Media.  #Love

 Lucy Kelson: George, I have an ulcer, I don’t sleep well, mostly because you keep calling me in the middle of the night, and if you don’t call me I dream that you’re gonna call me. I think about you in the shower
[George gives her a look]
Lucy Kelson: …not in a good way, but in an I’m-so-distracted-I-can’t-remember-if-I-washed-my-hair kinda way – so I’ll wash my hair twice! So I have a hole in my stomach, I’m running out of shampoo and today is the first day in my life that I did not give a thousand percent on the job. And I hate that feeling.

This is where social media and I are right now.  Don’t worry, at the end of the movie, she remembers why he’s worth running out of shampoo.

When Blogger Met Book

Ra and the Book
Sally: I don’t have to take this crap from you.
Harry: If you’re so over Joe healed, why aren’t you seeing anyone writing anything?
Sally: I see people write things.
Harry: See people? Write things? Have you written one thorns-only-not-prettied-up-story slept with one person since you broke up with Joe came home?
Sally: What the hell does that have to do with anything? That will prove I’m over Joe prison? Because I fuck somebody write something ugly? Harry, you’re gonna have to move back to New Jersey because you’ve written every ugly thing down slept with everybody in New York and I don’t see that turning life Helen into a faint memory for you. Besides, I will write the whole truth when it is about writing the truth make love to somebody when it is making love. Not the way you do it like you’re out for revenge or something.
Harry: Are you finished now?
Sally: Yes.
Harry: Can I say something?
Sally: Yes.
Harry: I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

This one took some creative editing to make sense out of it, but it’s pretty much how the conversation goes every time I add a poem to the book of difficult stories.

My book gives me a hard time about my slow progress, but it always apologizes.


Life Actually

Ra and Life

Jamie: You learned English?
Aurelia: Just in cases.

This one is harder to explain if you didn’t see Love Actually.  Aurelia speaks Portuguese, Jamie speaks English, and they fall in love in quiet spaces of time that they share.  Even though they don’t speak the same language, they understand each other very well.  When Jamie comes back, having learned a bit of Portuguese to propose to her, he is surprised to find she has learned a bit of English.

This is me and life lately.  I don’t understand it, frankly.  Three years ago, I was a married business woman in my twenties with a good reputation.  Now I’m a single creative in my thirties with a record.  I’ve been barreling into things that need to be done, and different things I can do — and I see possibility everywhere.  I think life might love me, and so I am making myself learn everything in small doses, in order to be ready to show my love in return.

You know.
Just in cases.



Do you like romantic comedies?  Do you quote movies in your head to yourself? Do you fall in love with intangible things like life and social media and writing?  Are you totally shocked by how few movies I’ve seen in 8 months?

(I’ve written about voices in my head before, with muppets in regards to blog themes–  — just in case you were feeling the topic today.)


  1. Ah, writing. The Muse has taken a hiatus and has not been answering my calls. I suspect she is nearing the time for her return trip, but still I stand in the doorway, hands in the pockets of my robe, hoping to see her as she glides back home.

    To your point: I haven’t been in a theater in years, but I watch a number of movies on cable or online. I have a Roku in the family room but tend to watch documentaries when I go in there, which isn’t often. The room seems too large just now.

    Romantic comedies? Not often. Romance is not a comfy space for me. Think that’s where my autistic tendencies come out …

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    1. I understand that feeling. Everything is a bit too large now. I like all types of movies, documentaries and cartoons, action and rom coms, but I think I identify most with romances.

      As to your muse, oh, she’ll come about when you’re rested enough to deal with her feisty self. Are you taking care of you?


        1. I just found it too. Eerie! I’ve been saying for days there’s something intuu in the air. Good things are on the horizon. And, as a testament to what a creature of habit I am, I had everything on my agenda without even needing the list. Sigh!

          Oh, and good news, I got official access to create space and Dave’s books. Time to start starting! ❤

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      1. Is it that time of year? I just made a pile of lists. So many ideas, so many plans, not near enough time or money to see them all through – but how to decide which one first!

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  2. I’m terrible at film quoting. And I have a degree in film. Don’t ask. Lol. I’m also not a big movie buff. Films can be great, but I’d rather read the book. Or any book. Aside from dry text books. Luckily I left those in high school. College text is not as dry.

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    1. College text is better, indeed. And I’d almost always rather read a book, except I’m an extrovert and movies usually come with friends, so that wins then. Strangely, I’m good with movie quotes, horrible with movie names or actor names, or worse, all the behind the scenes people. It’s always, you know that movie with that one guy who was in that other thing with Harrison Ford? Because of course, I always know Harrison Ford…

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  3. My absolutely favourite romantic movie? You’ve Got Mail closely followed by Pride and Prejudice. Or is it the other way around? You’ve Got Mail always makes me cry and Pride and Prejudice…well, that just…well, that’s just in a league all of it’s own 🙂

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    1. I love you’ve got mail! When she’s listing the names of the shoes books and sniffling, I start sniffling, everytime. And yes, Pride and Prejudice is “high romance” or something like that, a category of its own. :D. Thanks for reading, Lyn.

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    1. Sleep is important but maybe your mind needs a rom com binge. 😉 the heart wants what the heart wants. .. 🙂 Thanks for reading, Alison, and I hope the sleep you need finds you.

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  4. I need to watch more rom coms! Netflix binging on some other shows but need to just really take some time to watch some less serious stuff ! Fun post, Ra.


  5. This is so clever Ra. I have seen all of those movies. I am a movieholic actually. For me, the decision to blog unleashed a fury of creative frenzy. I do hit a wall when someone else or myself expects me to write about something I don’t want to write. Then I resist, even if it is subconscious.

    Regarding the life loves me, first of all, congrats! 🙂
    secondly, I do not know where you are with spirituality, but when someone begins to awaken and discover what lies beyond the physical world, forces will align to create a series of challenges that often lead to self discovery through loss, grief, courage, and loss of identity,

    I blog about these topics regularly, if you are interested.

    love to you, actually,

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  6. My family speaks in movie dialogue. Something bad happened at home? I call my husband and say, “Houston, we have a problem.” Somebody angered someone? “You do despise me, don’t you Rick?” Etc., etc.

    “My book gives me a hard time about my slow progress, but it always apologizes.” That is the best line ever written about writing. My books do the same thing.

    Thank you.

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  7. HMSRaRa,

    I get choked up during Rom Coms…it’s fucking horrible. I sorta think most of my life has been about finding my way to the romantic edges of stuff. Even when I’m up to my chin in crap…I think, “Mmmmm…there’s a lesson here.” This ability to patiently hunt around in the dark for splendid surprises is basically my pathological just in cases. 🙂


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    1. Ha! I love Harrison Ford and Spock, though the fact that I love Ford best in the remake of Sabrina pretty much reaffirms my romance lovin’ affliction. And everything about Spock is a love story. .. admittedly, a strange one. 🙂

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      1. Really??? That’s the only one I didn’t like him in (or actually it was Isabella Rosilini who is beautiful and wonderful and her mother’s daughter, but not, I repeat, NOT Audrey Hepburn!)

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  8. Best line from Love Actually (David, the father, perfectly spoken by Liam Neeson) sums up EVERYTHING there is in the world regarding the irrevocable love of ANYTHING…

    “Basically, you’re fooked, aren’t you?”

    Second best line from Love Actually (Sam, the son, perfectly spoken by Thomas Brodie-Sangster) sums up EVERYTHING there is in the world regarding the irrevocable hope in ANYTHING…

    “Okay, Dad. Let’s do it. Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love.”

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  9. I love romantic comedies. I watch the same ones over and over again. I love Sleepless In Seattle and You’ve Got Mail; When Harry Met Sally and Maid In Manhattan; The Wedding Planner and My Best Friend’s Wedding. And on and on. I quote not only rom coms to myself but I often find myself quoting from The Godfather…not just to myself.

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  10. I ❤ "just in cases". And a line before it, which Jamie says in Portugese and is subtitled "if you would marriage me?"

    I'm a sucker for rom coms. I've recently been given Dirty Dancing and Ghost on DVD by a friend. "Nobody puts Baby in a corner"

    Although the film I generally quote to myself is Finding Nemo. Dory's little song "just keep swimming".

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  11. I’m glad I re-read your muppet post. I forgot how much I loved it. I could hear all their voices…

    Anyhoo. So. Yes, I like romantic comedies, though, it is guaranteed to be awkward at some point, and I’m not great with awkward though it is compensated enormously by the happily-ever-after thing. Unfortunately, ‘Love Actually’ contained a lot of awkward, and I struggled with that. One of my favourite rom-coms is ‘Dave’ *, which is more com than rom but heart warming in multiple ways.

    I quote movies in my head ALL THE TIME. Movies frequently finish sentences for me, always favourite ones, often animations. And yes, I do fall in love with intangible things like life but not so much social media in which I can see the positives and negatives. And I’m not shocked by how few movies I’ve seen in 8 months, because I really don’t know how you would fit that in. xx

    *A comment so long, I have a footnote. Sorry, though if the name of that film sparked sadness. Grief is weird like that, grabs you unexpectedly. Hugs to you, my friend.


  12. Forgive my lateness in responding. This was such a great post and not because you tied in my favorite movie (Harry and Sally – it’s “our movie” if you will. “Helen went to Michigan State? No she went to Northwestern – but they’re both Big 10 schools.”)

    I absolutely love how you tie this in to what you are dealing with now. It’s brilliant really – you’re brilliant. ❤ Hugs.


  13. 3 of my favorites, which I watch over and over again. Maybe have a couple chili cheese dogs, sing a little Surrey with the Fringe on Top, and dance around to some Bay City Rollers—that should help. 😉

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  14. Not one movie, and sometimes it’s a song. My family quotes movies, and if in the mood, will find a song for any word you’ll say. This is awesome, even if, when tired, I do it with other people, since I got in the habit.
    It’s nice that your book apologizes for giving you a hard time. What is one of your favorite movies, if I may ask?

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  15. Love Actually – seen it three times. Harry and Sally – at least three times. But the problem is finding the GOOD rom coms – there’s a lot of crap out there. Have you seen Sleepless in Seattle?

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