home stained


Home is imperfections running wildly– stomping muddy footprints across the flooring of your heart.

Home is loud traditions celebrated too early or too late, with just the right amount of love.

Home is where you are recognized for your molten core and your dazzling shine, in equal measure.

Home is the Knowing.  The sun will pierce through darkness, the moon will smile with the stars, and you will survive the coldest depths of today’s winter because the warmth of yesterday and promising shine of tomorrow seeps through it all.

And when you are lucky enough to experience home in tangible form…

… when you can press your feet into ground that knows the shape of your mother’s feet, and her granddaughter’s feet,

… when you can soak the shell of an egg in observance of a day that shed confetti across the daylights of your childhood springtimes,

… when you can hold that wild legacy of your creation in your hand and watch the tablet-dyed stain of it spread through your skin,

Then the Knowing brings with it ultimate certainty: the beauty of home has stained your core and colored the light you shine outwards.

Home is the ground beneath you, wherever you are,
and the light that dances forward, guiding you wherever you go.

.. .. .. .. .. ..

This is for Day One of the WordPress Photo 101 Blogger University course. The prompt was “home”.

What represents home to you? Can you tell which egg is mine? (My neices will be out of town on Easter, so we celebrated early. Fun! )


  1. I love dying eggs! We always do a ridiculous amount- courtesy of prolifically laying chickens and ducks at this time of year!

    I think home is the place where you sit down and sigh and all the tension leaves you- even if only for a moment.

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    1. Me too but we get our eggs from the market. 🙂 I’d go egg crazy if o had a prolific source.

      I like your description of home. It relaxed my shoulders and made me sigh happily, so with comments like that, no wonder I call Rarasaur blog home. 🙂

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      1. Yay for happy sighs! 🙂

        Four dozen or so is normal right?! 😉 I’ll miss the ducks this year. Duck eggs make the *best* Easter eggs. White, big and extra tough shells for little ones to handle. I’ll miss them even more. 😦

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  2. What a beautiful picture. Home is a good night of sleep. Duck eggs are sooo good. The yolks are creamy and delicious. They are rare around here and you have to drive to the country (my mom was freaking out as the houses grew fewer and farther between).. Can’t wait to get some. 😀 Happy almost Spring

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    1. Happy almost spring! I understand your mom’s panic. When I lived in the very small town, the one small as a thimble, I remember watching it expand and the feeling that it was being erased! Of course, it wasn’t being erased, it was evolving, but that is something you only see from a distance… 🙂 Thank you for reading, Jaded.


  3. If I were to guess… aw, who am I kidding. NAILED IT!!!

    Home is that place where no one lets you forget who you are… and they still don’t care 😉

    (trust me, that’s a GOOD thing… possum)

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  4. Home is where my loved ones are. Does not matter where it is geographically or what the structure is. It is always just where my loves are. I feel more at home anywhere when they are there. Love the eggs. 🙂

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  5. Gorgeous post! I just loved it. Your egg is the green ❤ egg… 😉

    Warmest memory of my childhood home is when my Mom would wash my sheets and let them dry outside… I'd come in from playing all day and go to bed in a little slice of heaven, and I would feel loved that she did that for me.

    My grown up home is wherever my peeps are.. but I love our house – I love when the furnace kicks on when it gets cold. That always comforts me.

    (btw, it's so nice to see all these new posts) 🙂

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  6. The green one with the heart is yours.
    It’s right next to the picture of a heart on your blog, above the words, “you are loved.”

    Thank you for these gorgeous words. xoxoxoxoxo


  7. the heart-tattooed dinosaur egg, of course! loved it all, especially this: “Home is where you are recognized for your molten core and your dazzling shine, in equal measure.” it makes sense to me that you have this take on home, given the take on love that you have.

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  8. Going back to the Priory for Retreat in Holy Week was like going home. I just slotted back in, it was lovely.

    But it’s the same when I go and stay with my parents too.

    Home isn’t just one or two specific places. I met up with one of the other sisters today, and we both enjoy each others’ company and share brilliant hugs, and those hugs are definitely “home”.



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