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the links of us

I made an awesome GIF for this post, but it doesn’t want to play nicely right now, so instead, you all get this image, which I think is pretty glorious too:


It’s kinda heart-breaking when you realize how literally it represented over a year of my life. Heart-breaking, and also–  heart-expanding — because the power of you.

And that’s what today’s post is really all about.

The ones I read.

Which, as long time readers know, is everyone who reads here, and many more.  Reading blogs is one of my favorite parts about being immersed in the blogging community, and I talk all about it over at WordPress Discover with Cheri today.

Check it out!

The feature is based around one of my reading lists here at WordPress, which I call Blokin.  You can follow it just by clicking the link and hitting “follow”, which is just one of the many fun features of the WordPress reader that manifested while I was away.  It is for the people who I expect Mamasaur to know by name when I reference them.  It is for the people who call me, pop on over with work or cookies, send texts at midnight to tell me when their puppy learns a trick, and stay up with me all night in email chains.  The people who don’t really have to say “From WordPress” after their name.   The ones that I have, through some means or another, just really feel as if I know.

It seems that every month, this list gets wider and I am so grateful for that truth.  These are my blog kin, my blokin, my family.  Check them out, too.

The Matticus Kingdom
Diamond Mike Watson
The Monster In Your Closet
And Now And Then An Elephant All White.
33 Grams Of Blog
It’s Just Life
Sunshine. Whimsy. Tacos.
Arden Ruth
The Whimsy Art Of TJ Lubrano
Behind The Willows
Fish Of Gold
Multifarious Meanderings
A Buick In The Land Of Lexus
Everyday Gurus
Mind Of A Mouse
The Cutter Rambles
The Chatter Blog
Phrogmom’s Weblog
Will Wally Wonder
Bill Friday
The Seeker’s Dungeon
A Heart On The Matter
Stories That Must Not Die
No Talent For Certainty
Fiesta Estrellas
The Tawny’s Blog
The Helen Leslie Project
A Great Big Distracting Thing
Bloggity Ramblings
Mouse Talks
Midlife Crisis Crossover
Evidence Based Life Blog
Adventures In Wonderland
To Breathe Is To Write
Vampire Maman
Brother Jon’s Page (BroJo)
Sidereal Catalyst
Breaking Moulds
Drunk On Life
Nerd In The Brain
Stray Dog Strut
Dean Kealy
Scribblings From The Bluegrass
This is my Corn
Whisper Of Angels


Do you love any of the blogs above? Are you one of the blogs above? [If so, say hey in the comments so people know.  Maybe leave a link!  If not, leave a link, anyway, we could all stand to meet some more people.] 

Don’t forget to go over to Discover to read  and “like” my interview, so I can see some friendly faces at the bottom.   I need you there, my friends. I didn’t wake up feeling particularly brave today, but we’ll fix that, right?  Right.




    1. Oh we’ll meet one day. I’m so still and you’re always moving, so that’s a collision just waiting to happen. And when we meet, there will be wonderful photos! 🙂

      Remember how we met over my first Freshly Pressed many moons ago? When the money you put on my prison books came through, the girls wanted to know who you were and I explained– and then what followed was a three hour discussion on the differences between Waldo and Wally, and why everyone needs to see the NeverEnding Story. 😉 The point being, I’m glad you exist. Your stories brighten my heart. ❤


      1. You were also directly responsible for my one and only freshly pressed post. You know, I always felt a little guilty that I never managed to write you a letter while you were incarcerated. I’m very glad that the support I was able to send worked out well.

        And I move less than I used to, for a lot of reasons. But yes, we will meet one day for sure.

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        1. Letters aren’t for everyone. I got that even then. And, I really think the best thing about being part of a village this size is that no one has to do everything so long as everyone does something. That’s how we take care of each other. Some people helped simply by continuing on and being here when I came back. Everyone acts like it’s a given, but it would have been fair, I think, for someone to have bowed out of the friendship after recent events. I’m truly touched by those who were, as the girls would have said it, ride or die. 🙂

          And wouldn’t it be wild if I end up traveling towards you? Life does like to flip on us both. 🙂


    1. Ha! Well, maybe not Trophy status but this is one of the few glimpses into my reading list I’ve ever given. There’s so many others that I read alllll the time, gah. Posts like this make me a bit nervous because I like being more inclusive. Maybe I’ll post my other reading lists throughout the week too!

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      1. I hear you, Ra. Love all. ❤
        Yes, courage is needed for every movement, and life will react to us regardless if we are completely still. Or will it? I admire you and am delighted to be read by you occasionally, or even just once. LOL. I hope I didn't screw things up between us with my comment 😉 I'm still holding my little trophy with pride. I am grateful for the mention and the connection ~ not just because they rhyme, but because just because. ❤ to ❤

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  1. Big hug and thank you ❤
    What a great interview. You are a force of nature – like a comet streaking through the sky that never ends.
    Looking forward to diving into all those links – they must be awesome blogs because you read them!
    Alison ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And now I read the instructions…yes, I am one of the blogs you mentioned and yes, love many of the ones you listed…which is why I am adding the others to my follow list now 🙂

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  2. I was on Twitter when I saw your interview pop up. Only after that I read this post. What a great list! I will make sure to check out the bloggers who I am not following yet. Many on your list are blogs erm bloggers who I highly appreciate myself.

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    1. Ha! Oi, I hope no one feels like they’re the out crowd. There’s so many I regularly read like X and Trent Lewin and Cyn and Marilyn Armstrong and Emily sigh. .. this was just one list. It seemed overwhelming enough with the quantity I shared, 🙂 And yep, I always tell people you’re the authority on poop. 😀

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  3. Love the interview.
    I was surprised and honored to see my Scribblings blog on your list — thanks for that. Of course, when I say, “hey” I show up as my other blog (at least that’s my impression of what people see) so possibly I’m just making it confusing 🙂
    I see a lot of my favorite blogs on your list, but also a bunch I’ve not seen, so I’ll check some more out.

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  4. I came across you today in the Reader on WordPress and read the interview; you were great. I left a link and started following you. I hope to contribute toward enhancing others and my own blogging experience.

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    1. Ha! I’m thankful you’re here. As to visiting, yeah, maybe at least visit a few. You know Steven already, right? He’s delightfully geek too, up there as Sunshine Whimsy and Tacos, or in n the comments section. Oh and A, from And Then An Elephant. He’s another I think you’d enjoy. 🙂


  5. I’ll read something I don’t understand, or something I don’t agree with, or something I would never want in my own life — but I will move on, quickly, if it’s something I can’t feel.

    I love this, as touched on above and as touched on other points within the Discover post. I once wrote a somewhat ranty post about why I favored posts with a touch of the author in them over, say, generically inspiring ones, trying to lock in on what it was I hoped to find in folks’ posts.

    I didn’t say it quite right and still wouldn’t be able to today, so that–in a post that touched me over and over–I was excited to find this and go, “Yes, yes, this!”

    Your heart and mind jump right out through your words in ways that light, well, everything.

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    1. Wow, I’m smart. Right after posting this here, I toggled back to the post there and realized … I had to scroll a half-inch down to find the comment spot there. (There were pictures! How could there be a comment section after pictures?! *headdesk*)


  6. Proof positive that I’m a shit blogger… I can just never get the hang of this. Not on the list above, but I will profess undying love for Matticus and Elyse at FiftyFourandAHalf. I don’t know many of the others, unfortunately – I just don’t get out enough, I suppose. I couple of others I recognize but have just lost touch with (or they lost touch with me, it’s hard to tell).

    So how many of those blogs, for my gratification, are fiction writers? I always wonder where these people hang out. They must exist. I exist. I’m pretty sure about that.

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    1. I do have a Must Reads list too, of people who would most likely be shocked if I showed up at their door or called them 😉 but are just absolute must reads. You, Cyn from CynkingFeeling, Mark from Exile on Pain Street, Humans Are Weird, List of X, Jen Groeber, Lindy Thibodeaux, The Hook, .. a half dozen poets.. 🙂

      Fiction. Hmmm. AR from Starving activist and Matt do fiction often. The rest dabble or do it on the odd occasion. I’ve only written one in 2000 posts that I can think of. ..


      1. Well Rara, at the very least, we are all made of stars, so there is some common ground in our atoms, at the least. Sure, cold and impersonal though that truth might be, but we’re related on some quantum level.

        Mark from Exile is one of the must-read bloggers out there. Something about what he writes – it’s never really about him although it’s always about him. And he never shies from the hard stuff.

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  7. That is an impressive list indeed and I follow a few of them. VampireMaman allowed me to discover your wonderful voice while you were in prison. I’m not a writer per se, only in that I write a foodie blog, but I follow many writing-related blogs as I have a degree in journalism and actually know a lot of indie authors, in person no less! And virtual ones too. You just keep on keepin’ on with what you are doing! I’ll always read your blog as your writing mesmerizes me. ❤

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  8. I’m not on your list… 😦 On the other hand, all I’m doing these days is lurking. So come visit another day, okay? Would like to get acquainted, just as soon as I figure out which way is up and start digging in that direction.

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  9. You are brave. Brave & beautiful. & That Discover post was like a little journal of all of us over the years. It made me smile. Felt like a yearbook! Haha! If that makes any sense at all!

    It’s a great list. 🙂 I see this being a late night reading favorite.

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