revis asked

The most powerful archer ever
— as anyone worth salting would say–
is the tiny winged man
with a passionate plan,
slinging to give love a way.

Some question his authority,
and many have doubted his aim,
but he has a mission
regardless of wishin’,
and plays by his own rule of game.

No armor has ever withstood him,
no army could hold him back.
No target’s too hard–
no wall can keep guard!
No heart is safe from attack.

His poisons are varied composites.
His arrow, always on prime.
We’ve all been a victim,
which is why I’ve picked him,
as the greatest of all time.

Matticus and Revis wrote a book. It’s excellent, and I’m not just saying that because I love them both, I read it twice and everything. To promote The Erratic Sun, they’ve decided on a few contests. Matt’s had a few this month, and I’m going to do one next month, and Revis is asking his contestants to write a post answering who they think fiction’s greatest archer is– and why.

I was going to go geek, but I just couldn’t, not when Cupid is such a maniac. Go on over and check out the contest for yourself. I made those zombies in the background of Revis’s blog header, all by myself, you know…

Okay, fine. Dave helped a little.


Can you think of a better archer? (Support an author and write a post about it.)   Do you have any ideas for what sort of contest I should do? (Shh, don’t tell my guys I haven’t come up with anything yet.)


  1. My personal favorite hands down, and her amazing book – JAGUARS, by Georgina Garrastazu. This is a gushing review I actually wrote just after I first read it. But it’s a read again…and again.

    She is part of the original group of bloggers I encountered here. :)I’m not just gushing cause of that, though, I’m gushing because I was truly and magically removed to the world she had created…and I am in awe of that.

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    1. I love Gina! And her book was– as you say, absolutely magical. This is a great pick. I bet if you posted this link to Revis, he’d enter you in the contest anyway. ❤

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  2. Why don’t you ask people to describe a sunrise? They don’t have to use words about the colours of it, they could use words about how it makes them feel. They could be watching the sun rise on Earth while they’re on the moon. Or watching on another planet. Or from under water. Or whatever.

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