blowing kisses

little big coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d take yours away.
You’re too little for coffee.

Here, have a juice.


What do you mean “that’s not juice”?
What is it?

A chicken? Oh, good grief, here, how’s this?


Still not a juice?
It’s a banana?

Well then squish the banana into a cup and pretend it’s a juice.



What?  It’s better than squishing the chicken into a cup…
And we’re not here to worry about what we’re drinking today anyway.  We’re here to talk.  I have something important to tell you.

I think you’re pretty great.  I like the way you make friends, no matter what they eat or how big or small they are.  I like the way you tell the truth.  I like the way you say you are sorry when you are wrong, and the way you hug the people you love like you’re trying to squish them into a juice cup.

When I am sad, you make me smile. When I fall, you pick me up.



I said “Pick me up”, not “chicken up.”

Go away, chicken.

Anyway, I love you.  You are a good person.  You are a kind person.   You might do great things one day, but I am just happy that you do so much good today.

You make my life better.   When you write me letters, draw me pictures, call me at my house, or run screaming into my arms– I smile so big that even the moon sees it.  When you trust me with your feelings, and when you walk with your hand in mine– I shine with so much happiness that even the sun notices.

So when people say you’re too little for something, I think you should think of all the things you’re just the right size for– like being awesome, and giving big hugs, and cheering up dinosaur girls who love you.

You’re absolutely perfect to me.

But no, that doesn’t mean you get to have my coffee, and since you already ate the banana–

I better warn the chicken…


Run for your life, chicken!



To all my Little Foots, you are loved.  Also, please don’t try to squish a chicken.

To my regular readers, what other things are my Little Foot readers just the right size for?

I am loved. It says so right here. (Also, I miss this kid, @the_deef ) #CanIMakeThisATattoo

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We shake before playing because 18 monopoly dollars is no joke. #CanWeSayZooInsteadOfJail

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No need for #selfies when you have a resident artist. #LittleFoot #RawrLove #rarasaur

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Kissing a giraffe that is holding the heartbeat of one I already love. #babysHeartbeat #bestfriendsBaby #ohMyheart

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This little one is already so, so loved. #WeLoveLoveLoveYou

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One of my favorite Little Feet … And me! #rawrLove

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Abstract art from the 4 year old Behind the Willows. #rawrLove #HardTimeTalisman

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Friends for RarasUr. #rawrLoce #HardTimeTalisman

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To Rara. #rawrLove #HardTimeTalisman

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Dear Rara. #rawrLove #HardTimeTalisman

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The girls Behind the Willows rocked my socks off tonight. SO MUCH LOVE. #rawrLove #rawr

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    1. Oh gosh, chicken broth IS chicken juice. Eeek. I bet kids adore you. When you make it out to California (a dino can dream) I’ll introduce you to all the local little feet. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m nervous around people in general and kids are people. I trip over my feet and that makes kids laugh…:\ but it makes me goofy in their eyes. If I ever make it to Cali, I hope we meet.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. New tagline mayhaps. “ – I blog like I’m drunk.” 😉 I’ve actually read that book though, it’s quite interesting.

          Happy birthday, Duncan. ♡


          1. Thank you Rara. It wasn’t a bad one, but it wasn’t that great I got introduced to the drumkard’s walk in ‘How to take a chance’ by Darrell Huff. That’s a very entertaining look at statistics


  1. LOL definitely needs to be a children’s book, Rara 🙂 Love all those little feet masterpieces. You are blessed!

    One of my little feet (four year old) told me last week all about her little brother’s best friend, Todd at day care. I said, “But Lucy, Harry doesn’t go to day care.” Miss Lucy threw out her arms in an exasperated manner and said, “Gramma, I just ‘tending.” Keep “tending” Goosey Lucy, you’ll be a great writer one day.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, no no, you’re a blogging guest, so you can keep your coffee. If you’re bug enough to blog, after all, you’re big enough to coffee. 🙂

      Thanks for reading. ♡


  2. “I love you and I like the way you have a dinosaur costume.”

    “And I like lemonade! I eat bananas, and I drink juice too.”

    “And I’m a Stevens girl. pretty and smart!”
    – Jane

    (John asks them what a Stevens girl is- answer- pretty and smart!)

    Liked by 2 people


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