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unlocked: 100 / buddha’s stone

Written March 2015 from the California Institute for Women


There are thousands, but Buddha balances on her injured foot to pick one.

She turns the plain rock so I can see what she sensed– a cookies-and-creme sparkle on the inside.   I smile in delight, letting her sight lead our hobbled strides over prison gravel.

“There it is,” she declares, crouching to reach for another stone with unerring certainty. She flips it over and, of course, they are a perfect match.

She gives one to me, pocketing the other half.

The simple magic of the sharing and discovery serves as a reminder:
Everything’s already okay, even if you’re just limping forward.

Buddha's Stone. #hardtimetalisman #forapost

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Diary note from 3/26/2015: Today, Buddha graduates but I was not allowed to attend. She pushed her way through all manner of obstacles and gave a piece of her peace to the mountain. Her stone has saved me many times, so she’s long been a hero,but today she is also a firefighter. Congrats, my friend, and when I am free to share this– and you are free to read this– we will celebrate.


  1. Oh speed on 8th July! I shall do a happy dance for you that day and rejoice with you — as will hundreds…no, thousands of others — and our hearts will beat with joy as one. ❤
    That is also the date of my oldest granddaughter's 21st birthday.

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  2. I have one of those rocks. Tim found it in the woods behind our cottage. I have a small piece of it inside with me…the other large piece I keep outside in the garden. I have all sorts of bits and bobs I’ve kept like that. Little reminders of times and peeps and love and all that good stuff 🙂

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