blogging geek my name is ra.

i vulcan’t.

I have a thousand post ideas and I just can’t finish writing one.

I lost my wrist bands, you see.  It’s been windy lately and the noise rattles the windows and distracts me.  The house dog has to wear a cone right now so he needs some extra love.  A friend came to visit.  A friend can’t come to visit.  I’m hungry. I’m eating. I just ate.

Food makes me a little tired, which sounds like a symptom to me. I should search engine it.

10 minutes passed. Time keeps passing. It’s so hard to balance.
Oh look, pictures of things balanced on people’s heads.

I didn’t reply to the comments of the last post, probably.  Maybe I should do that before I post, but then there’s those emails I haven’t gotten to, and that’s more important.

If I’m not responding to emails, writing blogs, answering phones– maybe I’m going through something.  Those sound lie symptoms. Maybe I’m depressed.

I should check my vitals.

Why is a healthy person so concerned with health?  It’s probably because I’m a Virgo.

I should check the moon charts.

I need to write a post on this, and that, and the other.  Things I learned from reading astrological charts, and things I learned from googling medicines, and things I learned from being married to an introvert, and being widowed, and being stringless now.

We could call them “Lessons from _________ ”  No, that’s too wordy.  We could call them, “Learnings of _________ ” No, that’s too label intensive.  “4 Things About _________”.  “_________ Mantras”.

I should ask someone, but I’m not really talking to anyone consistently.  The world is a little big today, but it wasn’t last week.

I’m not sure if I could reach anyone even if I did reach out.

That sounds like a symptom. I should search engine it, or write a blog about it.  Add it to the list of a thousand blog ideas.

If I lined up all my ideas, and if ideas were all like fluffy clouds you could walk on, I could bounce my way over to all my friends.

Friends are reaching in even without cloud transport.  Their arms are so very long to reach so far.  Their hearts are so very loud to be heard all the way over here in the tiny corner of the world where I live.

Today I answered a phone call. Today I went out with a friend.  Today I responded to Facebook comments in a relatively timely manner.

I had a day off and plenty of time to write something to completion, but I didn’t.  I only started things and jotted down ideas.

I’m so organized and such a creature of habit, that some days, I can do all the things.

And some days, I just vulcan’t.




Do you have a million blog ideas that you can’t write out? Or do you post as you think them up?

On weeks where I am quiet here, you can find me on Twitter @Rarasaur , Facebook under Rara Saur or Instagram @rawra.avis. I post different things in all those places, and you’re welcome to reach out to me. I reach back…. most days.


  1. Nicely done.
    My chaos IS my organization. I’ve got oodles of posts just about nothing but seem to be filled with the everythings that I need to avoid doing. I never post them because well, my chaos is my safe place. I vulcan’t.

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    1. I am actually quite used to organized chaos. It is my comfort zone. Sometimes I think this new life of mine is so much harder just because I don’t have 7 billion things going on anymore. I’m a consummate draft-maker, but it’s been really out of hand lately. 🙂

      At least I understand your situation because sharing is not the most important part of the writing of those things. It’s not that you vulcan’t, it’s there’s no logical reason to. ❤

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  2. ah I am a Leo but organised chaos and posts written in my head and hidden somewhere behind thoughts is my thing. I have to make lists to stay productive, on track… And they aren’t all that organised either.

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    1. My lists are so organized they have their own lists. 🙂 But I get the hidden posts of the mind… why do they hide? It’s rude. 😉

      I’m an August Virgo. They say we’re a little bit Leo too. 🙂

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      1. I have no idea why they hide, so that one concentrates on doing the dishes? Now many of my posts have been written and edited in my head and then I just turn on the inner teacher who dictates everything, of course in the end the thing is completely different from what I pre wrote.
        Oh then we must be close I am end of the Leo’s the 20th of August to be precise and then late at night…

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  3. I’m very aware that I haven’t posted in awhile either. I haven’t been in a very happy place recently and am keeping myself busy enough away from the laptop.

    I want to get myself to a stage where I’m posting regularly – even once a week would be good for me – but sometimes I have no (good) ideas and other times I avoid writing a post as I feel it won’t be consistent with this relaunch. I’d rather avoid the jumble I had before and write on a handful of topics.

    I like the idea of having a regular feature, I just don’t know what it will be yet. I’ve also had an idea for a whole series I want to do, I just need to plan it out.

    I’m always an email/msg/very expensive phone call away, Ra. Also I’m the odd one out: Taurus

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    1. So your birthday must be around the corner. Taurus is an earth sign too. Not so odd. 🙂 I’m glad you’re keeping busy, I’m sad you are in a rough patch. The Daily posts weekly challenges are really great for finding a way to readers who match. Many of mine stated there, back in the day. And the weekly coffee shares have become my regular reading even if I don’t participate… so those might be fun places to start if you’re looking for an idea on a particular week.

      Regular features are cool. I’ve never had the fortitude for them, I go with many tangled themes. 😀

      And, thank you. *hugs*


  4. HMS RaRa,

    It sounds like you’re in a low speed swirl. I get them too, your sorta distractible, but not quite scattered…the ideas sweep in, but you decide to organize them later. I usually think of this as a time for re-grouping. Fragments of things like loss or dysfunctions stick out a bit when you are slow enough for them…they might need your attention.

    My Libra tendency is to balance…not that I always do, not even close at times…it’s a life with balance at layers, but some layers are tumbles. I write on scraps of paper, the backs of envelopes, post-its and pads of papers. The sheets are in a red laquered box about the size of a phone book (remember those?). The box is overflowing at the moment. I’ve just started using my iPhones’s Notes app. Sometimes small sections of writing don’t make sense, but have an idea loosely formed. I’ll shred the paper and trust that if I wrote it months ago and just re-read it…the idea needs a little more time in my brain pan before it fully forms. There are scraps that have decent structure and I may polish or add to them.

    You’ll regroup soon enough. Linger in the swirl…you may find an interesting direction when you step out.


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  5. I always say my lists are in my mind because if I wrote them out, I’d lose them anyway. My jots comprise .01% of what makes paper and only .01% of those make it to Matt’s blog. Oh well. Some things are better left unjotted.

    Like another commenter, my hatch day is August 20, but I was born early. According to my mom, I should have been a Virgo. I would have done you all a disservice. ❤ you Ra.


  6. My list rarely make it out of my head. Same with the posts that make it to Matt’s blog. Oh well, it might be better thar way.

    I’m Aug 20 liike one of your commenter. Was born early. Mom said I should have been a Virgo. I would have done you all a disservice. Oh well, it might be better that way.

    This is condensed from a comment I made but didnt make it here. Maybe it spammed. Oh well, it migjt be better that way.

    ❤ you, Ra.

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  7. Wow, what a great way to show me that I am not alone. So many words ting home for me, and I can see by the comments we are not alone either. Which is funny when moments like these are when we feel most alone. Thanks for sharing, great post!

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  8. I have a lot of post ideas, but when I try to do them I can’t seem to find the words to say what I really want to say. It just doesn’t sound right. So, I mostly just post about silly nonsense.

    Give yourself some time and when you feel you can write again then go for it!

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  9. I swear I can see a gaping cavity in my son’s mouth every time I floss his teeth. But I just can’t schedule a dentist appointment. They’re probably at lunch, or look now, it’s 4:32, too late! Or I don’t have my calendar. Or is that an email about their dumb lacrosse practice I need to answer? And I feel like your “ors” might be so much heavier, or distracting, or complicated. You can take your time to sit with your “ors”, we’ll all still be here when you get back. Or whenever. Truly.

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  10. I post six days a week come heck or high water, but most great post ideas happen when I can’t act on them (while driving, while in a meeting) and then they’re lost to the ether.

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  11. Sometimes you need to go inside for a while. Sometimes you need to be quiet. The real friends will stick around.. they won’t leave you. Well, you’ve seen that all ready… you know that lesson. lol
    It’s OK to be quiet… it’s OK to not respond. You’re doing the best you can, yes? Of course you are. Give yourself some love – talk to yourself – like you talk to your friends, your loves, your little feet. Slow down… sit quietly… go inside yourself a bit. See what you hear. Maybe you won’t hear anything for awhile and that’s ok too. ❤ to you Ra…. I'll send you blessings today 😉 I'll light a candle and I'll envision you dancing in the sun. promise.

    (you put vulcan't – you did.. ooo lordy 😉

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  12. All I have right now is lists of post ideas…I haven’t quite been able to get my momentum back after having a baby-but that was almost three years ago now so is beginning to feel like less and less of a legitimate excuse! Wonderful post though!

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  13. So many things on one plate, which if it were food could simply lead to over-eating, but in that its “things” could lead to a constant state of over-thinking??
    You are you and that is enough. Its a beautiful outcome just the way it is,yes? ♡

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  14. Well, I’m not a Leo, but organized chaos has been my comfort zone, too. Although, I actually believe, and I’m speaking for myself only, that the chaos in former years was something I created to avoid. Even as I ticked boxes and scratched things off lists, made a this list and a that list, and kept busy, it was an attempt to not feel what lied deeper in wait. I knew it was there, I visited it in the night, but I didn’t want to visit it all day, too. Nowadays, I still have days like that, but my organized chaos is generally an attempt to capture with a net, all the ideas and flowing feelings that I used to try so hard not the think about or feel. And I revisit them on days when I’ve tapped back into it that feeling or thought process, or when I have the time to truly sink my teeth into it. Sometimes it comes flowing out like I’ve been punched in the gut, but that’s good too!

    No matter the reason or rhyme, Rarasaur, I think it’s wonderful that it flows, and that you capture the words and feelings you want and need to explore, and even share. We are fortunate that you do, no matter the frequency; you have so much to offer. So, thank you.

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  15. One good rawr deserves another, well I don’t know if it’s a good rawr but here’s my unsolicited reply. I post, not often enough. I have memories of places traveled and food eaten, they have a desire to be written about. However there are places seen, locally, recently. Which should I write about? There’s a tumultuous tumble of ideas, thoughts, sights, sounds and feelings demanding I regurgitate them at my earliest convenience. When that convenience comes… That’s a different story. Thanks for posting. 🙂

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  16. I’m Aries…and scattered as well. I have post ideas when I’m driving, no place to write them down. Then they’re gone and all I can remember is that there was something….not sure what….that I wanted to write about. Loved this post…it reminds me of..well…me. Oh wait…what’s that shiny thing over there…

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  17. Months like this one where I set out to write every day, I can usually find inspiration anywhere. I find that momentum helps.

    Most months, where I feel no obligation to write, the ideas are harder to come by.

    Either way, a little procrastination never hurt nobody!

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  18. Hugs Ra. Beyond what you need to do for survival (like go to work) you should only do what your heart wants and if your heart wants to do nothing, for weeks, that’s okay too. Sometimes letting go and just being rather than doing is the hardest thing, and the best thing. I often have to remind myself of this, and get afraid that my blog will disappear under the weight of all the posts I “should” write, and all the resistance to writing them. Sigh. And then I remind myself that it’s all okay.
    It’s all okay. Be stringless. It’s what’s being asked of you right now until new strings appear.
    Much love

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  19. I certainly don’t have a million ideas but when one pops into my head I do write it down now, otherwise, it disappears into some abyss I no longer have access to. I have an important idea that needs to be written but I can’t seem to get the words out. Since losing my job I have loads of time and I feel like I’m busy but at the end of the day, I wonder if I’ve really done anything at all.

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  20. It’s been 5 years and I’ve still got stuff in my Drafts folder on both blogs, lol.
    I have great ideas, I start writing but get distracted by the television or the b/f talking or a book I’m reading or the phone rings or it’s bed time or I have to go to work or…
    I can relate, totally.
    I’m not worried thought. The one blog is a niche blog so it’s not difficult to find things to write about. The other one is about just about everything under the sun, lol. I manage though. It helps that I have some weekly link ups I do to keep things going and keep my brain active. Now if I could just get my body active too *sigh*.

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  21. You do need to do what feels right, Rara. It has been a hell of a time for you. If it helps to make sure you post, then do it. Otherwise, do what feels right.

    I post when I feel like it. Therefore, I am not at all like the writeups of Capricorns. Those say that I am ambitious (not) and organized (NOT) and stubborn (well, yeah. OK. VERY).

    But Ra, it’s been a while since anybody was interested in my sign 😉

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  22. I love this post. It’s all about being human.
    ( don’t feel like a response is necessary ) keep rocking it, rara.

    Sometimes doing all the things just isn’t possible, and there’s never anything wrong with ra-time. We all can’t always be on, so to speak.

    You -> !!!!!

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  23. Sometimes when I don’t post I really don’t have any ideas. But more often I have lots of ideas but can’t figure out how to sort them into separate pieces and which thoughts belong in which post… I think of it as “gel” time. Eventually they always start organizing themselves. Sounds to me like you’re just in one of those moments to let things work in the ethers while you do something else. We love your posts whether they arrive often or with time in between…

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  24. Right now I just have a bunch or ideas in my head. I’ve been taking notes on one idea lately, but that’s about it. I want to get back steady into it, but our schedule is a little hectic. I’m also thinking of changing the direction of my personal blog again; maybe gear it more towards a Daddy Blog type thing. I don’t know. What do you think? I guess right now Facebook is my “blog”, which is okay I suppose.

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    1. I think many people have daddy blogs that aren’t alllll parenting. The Hook and The Cutter are two of my faves, as is The Matticus Kingdom. They’re all clearly dads, and tell dad tales, but they also write about their spheres of interest. 🙂 So yes. I think it’s a great idea to change the direction so it goes the same way as you. ❤

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  25. I’m presently enjoying a 72 hour bus journey back to the ashram in 100 + degree weather. I think I might have suffered some kind of whiplash along the way cause everytime I wake up my neck feels that it has merged into my shoulders and takes some time to pop back out, never fully coming back out. Anyways, on the tour there is always a lot of loud noises going on which means I tend to wake up a lot while I sleep and had many vivid dreams over the last month. In the last city I kept waking up thinking, “why am I dreaming about dinosaurs? Those weren’t dinasaurs those were extra large barbie-rubble-mobiles that we were driving around on.. Humm must have been thinking about Ra.” This happened three times in a row, “why am I dreaming about dinosaurs? Those weren’t dinasaurs!” Been meaning to tell you about that one.


  26. I routinely have half a dozen one or two sentence ideas in my draft folder. Very few of those little nuggets ever truly grow up to be cowboys, though.

    Love the Vulcan’t image. That’s great!

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  27. I have noticed that maybe your vulcan’t has made you quiet lately. So I hired a detective, one of those people that live in black-and-white offices with fedora hats and an ill-fitting gun holster that holds a flask of whiskey. She told me that the problem was right there, in black and white, crystal clear, and plain as the nose on my face. From there, I did some searching, and I found this telling gem:

    “Why is a healthy person so concerned with health? It’s probably because I’m a Virgo.”

    If you rearrange the letters in Virgo, you get “givor.” This can’t be a coincidence. When you’re used to giving, maybe it feels that some days you vulcan’t do anything. But you vulcan’t give all the time. Otherwise, there’d be nothing left. Sometimes, one needs to receive.

    Think of some things you might want to receive, and let’s see if the Internet can provide.

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  28. I have so many drafts…and each time, if I succeed on working on one, I convince myself not to post it, and push working on it to a later date. So I have drafts, and then I have posts-I-haven’t-posted-yet-drafts.
    People keep telling me not to worry if you can’t get all you that you want to get done done. That usually gets me upset, because these are important things, so I go read a blog post. I’m all for the “work from the bottom of your list, and when you get side tracked, go random” approach. That is the only way I manage to finish anything on time. Working from the top never goes well for me.
    Hugs and tea, Ra. Live long and prosper.

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  29. Hah, yeah, my problem is a bit different. I think I should write a blog post and then I ask myself, “hmm, what should I write about?” After nothing comes to mind I go watch Netflix instead. 😆

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  30. There’s nothing like honesty among friends. A little self knocking is good sometimes. You guys are quite innocent and charming, one big family. Did somebody say organized chaos? I love the term.

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  31. I read this on the phone when you wrote it and wanted to share it with friends. And then I forgot who wrote it! I will send it now before I forget. I have become pretty distractible,,,, spell check says that not a word but I’m using it anyway! :).

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