my name is ra.

oh rara why

This is not the first post idea I’ve stolen from Mer, but she’s awesome and she probably won’t mind me nabbing another.  Plus, Jackie did it too, and I loved both posts.  It’s all about 50 Little Things you might not know about me.

The only thing is that they always write about lots of things, whereas I mostly write about myself– so I don’t know what you could possibly not know about me.  We’ll find out.  I’m timing this post because I like to live on the edge.

  1. I don’t actually like to live on the edge.  I’m pretty much the opposite of a wild woman.
  2. I answer to any name. Literally, any name.  I will answer to your name.  I will answer when you are calling your dog.  I will answer to names that sound like mine and ones that sound nothing like a name at all.
  3. I have a will that includes management of my online accounts and relationships.  I have no money to leave people (anymore? yet?) but I at least keep a list of those who should be notified before a Facebook announcement.
  4. I am mercurial.  I can be angry one second, and laughing the next.  This tends to surprise people who know me mostly online.
  5. Mint toothpaste makes me gag.  That includes kissing someone who just brushed their teeth with the stuff, and walking into a bathroom that smells like it.  Strangely, I love real mint and even mint gum or candy.  Also strangely, nothing else I can think of makes me gag.
  6. Most of my favorite product brands and television shows are made in London, or by Brits.  It’s not on purpose.
  7. I almost always have a beverage in my hand.
  8. I shave my finger hair.
  9. I look up the etymology, pronunciation, or uses of at least one word, every day.
  10. While I think everyone is very beautiful, I am attracted to very few. Awkwardly few.
  11. I am always reading.
  12. My wardrobe is very limited.   I have noticed a trend called a “Capsule Wardrobe” that suggests you can make it 3 months out of the year with 33 pieces.    Of course you can.  I’ve done longer with less my whole life.
  13. I rarely eat Indian food.
  14. I will not bother a waiter if my food is cold or incorrect, but I will call them over to refill my drink or provide a straw.
  15. In real life, I talk about sex, and sometimes swear.
  16. One time I bit into a date full of live maggots.  I still eat dates.
  17. I have never smoked cigarettes or tried any drug, excluding alcohol and caffeine.  Caffeine I abuse wildly.  My alcohol consumption, I can still count in sips.
  18. I take rejection ridiculously well.
  19. I listen to Christmas music all year long.
  20. I’ve never broken a bone.
  21. I’ve won a few dozen writing competitions, under various names.  Though my writing has been rejected from hundreds and hundreds of websites, journals, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, and publishing houses– I’ve always placed somewhere in any writing competition I’ve entered.
  22. I rarely tell anyone my name, unless they ask.
  23. I can’t vote. (Felon.)
  24. I regularly unfriend people on Facebook, for sharing or posting things that would have upset Dave, even though he’s no longer here to upset.
  25. My arms muscle very easily.  If you see them flabbing, you can be absolutely sure I haven’t done anything more robust than hold a book for a week.
  26. I have no idea what I look like.  In many pictures, I look very different, and I really don’t know which is more accurate to you.  I also forget that I’m brown.
  27. I wrote poems on nearly everything I studied, from prepositions and Greek gods to trigonometry.
  28. I speak really quickly.   For years and years, faster than the faster talker in the Guinness Book of World Records.  I think I was outpaced in 2011.
  29. I bite my nails.
  30. I’m a very good secretary.
  31. My morning yoga routine also combines pilates and kickboxing, which I’ve found to be the most anxiety-relieving mixture of movement.
  32. I get canker sores.  They aren’t herpes, contagious, or busted lips from an abuser I’m protecting. They’re simple blisters that usually just pop up when my dry lips crack.
  33. I’m 66″ tall.  When I started this blog, I accidentally typed 60″ in my about page.  It’s very confusing.
  34. I’ll pick potatoes (in any form) over any other food, so I have to be careful on the order I eat.  It’s not uncommon for me to fill up on my fries and be too full to eat the entrée.
  35. I’d rather wear heels.
  36. I carry floss.  Since you already know how amazing my bladder is, if I excuse myself to use the restroom, it’s probably to floss.
  37. I apply industry or subculture terms to all circumstances.  I have to explain the first time, but then there’s a basic reference point.
  38. I’m one of six kids.  The gender order is the same as the Brady Bunch. I’d be Jan.
  39. There are some people out there who think I’m a jerk.
  40. I can listen to two things at the same time, or one song on repeat.  This drives other people up the wall.
  41. My bra strap is always falling down.
  42. Christopher Reeve was the only celebrity death that really knocked me senseless.
  43. I don’t care for diamonds.  I like color, metal, and movement.
  44. I don’t dance.  The closest thing you will ever see is the occasional slow dance with a toddler, or a twirl around in a foofy skirt.
  45. I love the zoo, but I’d rather not go with kids.
  46. Part of my parole is a 50 mile radius restriction.  I am hoping my parole will be lifted on July 18th, 2016.  That will be my real freedom date.
  47. I am counting May 6th as the anniversary of Dave’s death, and the anniversary of my incarceration.
  48. Almost everything I own today was gifted.  Thank you.
  49. I am prone to absolutely debilitating bouts of hyperbole.
  50. Cantaloop by US3 has been on every musical playlist I’ve made for myself since its release in 1993.  I really have no idea why.  I guess I love it?


Yikes! That was not easy.  Your turn.  Tell me things. I’m nosy.  Oh, and the title comes from the name of my Spotify playlist…

Funky, funky.




  1. Surprised to read number 4 but glad to hear since I’m the same way… except reverse. I can be laughing one minute and wallowing in self-pity/angry the next. Usually this is to the surprise of people that don’t know me well and don’t understand that they may have said something in the last couple minutes that ended my day… Though I’ve gotten a lot better with this as the years have past, and tend to cling to my good attitude knowing that when it’s gone… it’s gone.

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    1. I am a child of mercury, in all my signs. ♡ I often get “You can cry with me. This is a safe space. It’s ok to get angry. ” etc, to which I invariably think, “Oh gosh, I did the thing again. I’m thinking of nail polish on elephants and am laughing, and they’re still on whatever it was I was sad about a minute ago? ”

      It’s funny you say you cling to your happy because I often do that with sad. If I can sit and feel something for that long, I let myself. I’m not sure if that’s psych recommended bit it works for me.

      I look forward to when we meet. We’ll be spazzes together. 😉

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    1. By list item 36, I thought “I’m boring myself. ” 😉 But I trudged forward. I think you’d be surprised how interesting little things are to others. They are our only real glimpse into the little humanities we wear on a day to day. If you decide to tackle it, send me a link so I can add it. 🙂

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  2. I love these lists especially when as honest as the above. Some of the things might be the tiniest of details but each one is a joy to discover.

    Interesting your #6 as most of the shows I like are American – NCIS, CSI, The Mentalist – though I do think us Brits do period dramas (Grantchester, Foyles War) and murder mysteries (Midsummer Murders, Jonathan Creek) well.

    On #22 it didn’t occur to me to concern myself with whether I know your name or not. I know you by the name you gifted us (Ra), though I confess offline I still refer to you as ‘Rara’ as I like it. I wouldn’t ask for your name as that is yours to share or not.

    I’m mentally working on my own list that I will try to get up tonight when I’m done running around and link back here.

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    1. Hurrah! I’d love to see your list. My name is Radhika Kumari Atma Ram Jaini. It’s not a secret and I do prefer Rara or Ra in real life, but people pick whatever variations they want. In the phone at work, I’ll say “RJ” because it’s easier to hear. 🙂

      It’s actually British comedy I like much more, though the dramas seem better produced. American tv humor is just a little less funny to me. For some reason. 🙂

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    1. Funnily enough I was going to add that “Not being caught up on No Talent For Certainty makes me know I’ve been in my head too long” but since Mer called you out too I thought I’d pick another. 🙂 I could do one of these, entirely blog themed. Oooh.

      And you’re not stodg…, that’s such a boxy word and your mind is too free form for it, but I look forward to analyzing the list. 🙂

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    1. It really is. I’ve talked about myself here for years so it was a puzzle! Really really thank you. I feel beck to my bogging self. I needed a good shake up. 🙂 Now I gotta go thank the gorgeous Jackie for stealing it. 🙂

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  3. I’m pretty sure I don’t have the guts to post 50 bits about myself in the comment section. Here’s one.. I almost put balls for guts but thought that was too crass. So does that count as being Crass? Although I loved reading yours. The unfriending for upsetting Dave…. that is 1 of the many reasons I think your fantastic. I’ll email you a couple to satisfy your nose. ;). (Hugs).

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    1. I used to have a shirt that said “no balls, no hero”. It was a mistranslation I enjoyed. Balls is one of the words I don’t use, not because it might be crass, but because I grew up with and write towards many who have English as a second or third or fourth language. It rarely translates well, ha! :D. And yes, email away. I’m curious. 🙂

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    1. WordPress is pretty anti the editing of comments. 🙂 My phone autocorrects every “than” or “then” to “then”. It drives me crazy, because it looks like a little grammar mistake. I’d rather it autocorrect it to “penis”. That’d be less embarrassing for me. 🙂

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      1. I just spit out my drink. ❤ Awesome-sauce for auto correct to penis.
        We just had a hearty laugh for a friend (who is a general contractor) who wanted to say the caulk was just for show and it didn't serve a purpose. I'll let you guess what autocorrect did with "caulk" and how much fun we had with that. Oh, the fun we had. Caulk, Caulk, Caulk. 😉
        (I'm sure it serves *some* purpose… ba da bump – I'm here all week folks!)

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    1. The broken bones has come up more in comments sections of other blogs. I’m a klutz who doesn’t drink milk so it surprises people. 🙂

      The dancing comes up a lot in real life but rarely in blogging. Thank goodness. I really don’t dance. 🙂


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  4. Interesting list. I haven’t been reading your blog for very long so I guess I got a great intro to Ra here 🙂
    Now about #50, no offense, but I like the original Herbie Hancock that the music is based on better, though they did do a good job. Nice use of the intro to the Art Blakey Night at Birdland concert at the beginning.

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    1. I like Herbie Hancock better too. I’m truly not sure why I add it to every playlist or list… I would never include it among favorite songs even though I like it just fine. But now it’s part of my life, I suppose. It’s earned it’s place simply for riding out the last couple decades with me. 😀

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  5. Well well well… Aren’t you amazing! And honest. I do cherish a heaping helping of honesty. I must admit two things that got me right way-the toothpaste gag and eating a date and its friends. Yucko, and I’m wondering what toothpaste do you use? And did you swallow said date?
    Maybe I will steal this idea…or not. If I do then they might find out I’m 66 inches too, that I too talk fast (but out of a sense of panic) and that one of my fave songs is starfish and coffee, and I also drink pots a day. Oh coffee not the fish. That’s just too much for a gal that ate sugar ants as a small human and fed them to her one and only brother.
    Ok I’m done! I’m hooked. I loved your offerings of self, and thanks for the song. It’s a keeper!

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    1. I use baking soda flavored variants. I’ll even choose medically flavored over mint.

      I spit out the date but I didn’t gag. 🙂

      I laughed out loud at the potential pots of fish drinking. That’s the kind of humor that sends me into the giggles in real life. Thank you for reading and I hope you do write your list too! (Oh and Yay for 66 inches. Question. Would you call yourself tall or short? )

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      1. Good question! I would consider myself on the short end only because most of my kids are taller than me now. 😉 I just say ’66 inches’ and it SOUNDS so like so much more than small. Glad I made you laugh! It feels good to laugh – especially when there’s no one in the room.

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    1. Surprising and awesome ! I’m curious to know the 23 though I might be able to reason it since some would just not apply… ooh. A reason to sleuth my own list. 😉 🙂


  6. A list of fifty,
    That’s quite nifty.
    But then the gauntlet was thrown.
    You want me to write a list of my own?
    I concede defeat before I’ve begun,
    A list that long simply cannot be done.
    So here’s a poem.
    For no real reason.

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    1. Doooooo it. You totally can. As I write this comment I can think of two things I’ve told you recently that you didn’t know that I could have included. Gah, that would have helped last night when I was scrounging! 🙂

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    1. Haha, Dave wrote a post on it once and some of his very old readers may remember. I don’t know if you read this via email before I made the correction from knuckles to… more accurately. . finger hair. It just drives me crazy to see. But strangely, I only notice it on me. <3.

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  7. You know there is something different about mint toothpaste. I can understand not liking it, I don’t mind it myself, but I get it. As to why that stood out to me, I really don’t know. I did read an article that said mint can cause alertness, so brushing teeth with mint toothpaste before going to bed isn’t the best idea.

    Also, you like to wear heels? I think heels are so silly but mostly because they seem so impractical, lol.

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    1. Kids agree with me on mint toothpaste. They say “it’s burning” and I’m like “Oh gosh it issss”. 🙂 Kids know things. 🙂

      And I love heels. The silly factor plays heavily into it. 🙂


  8. #16 nonononono. I once bit into a blackberry with a big ol’ red spider in it, but that is a billion times preferable to me. Aaaaah.

    #23 ticks me off. Larry Wilmore made a joke about felons not-voting and I gave him a very, very evil eye, which of course he could not see, being on the TV and all. Still.

    #46 = hoping, praying, wishing here for you.

    #47 I am glad to know.

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  9. Rara my friend that was a great list! It never surprises me how interesting you really are. I love reading about you but then I’m nosy about one of my favorite people. I just knew you talked fast. I got that from your writing. Weird eh? Big hugs! And I swear too….. 😉

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  10. That was wonderful, and honest, and insightful, and…I think I’ll try it myself. Don’t think it will happen quickly, or easily – I don’t know if there are 50 things about me that people don’t know…

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  11. I think it’s amazing how open you are about your life, because I’m the opposite. I’m not boring. I think I have an amazingly interesting life populated by whacked out places I go to, things I do, and a family that is bugnuts amazing. The more interesting my life becomes, the less I want to speak about it – what is that called? It must be a condition, and I bet I could look it up. Or I should just make up a name for it.

    Good list, Rara. I think you’ve inspired me here. I’m not sure what I will do with that inspiration. I never know until it happens. But inspiration is always appreciated.

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  12. I thought about doing this but….worried about sharing too much on the internet. Do you worry about that Ra? I sure do enjoy reading when others do it though…. I’m a sticky beak I guess. LOL

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  13. As always, I’m late *enters empty room* *leaves note*
    It reads:
    #1 SAME! but you knew that; #9 I don’t read much, so this is more monthly for me; #17 SAME except reverse the alcohol and coffee; #18 makes sense if you think about #4; #19 SAME; #20 SAME; #34 Amen.

    So what now? Scrolling up an down to try and make sense of what I’ve written! xxx

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  14. #2 is the same for me, unless I’m not paying attention. I like learning more about you. I’ll think about the list, but my first set of reactions about starting such a list made me feel very uncomfortable.

    Back to your list: #16 totally grossed me out. #18 impresses me.

    Heels? . . .

    If only my back was 100% and like nothing ever happened.

    🙂 Happy Day Rarasaur

    love, Ka

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  15. A very comprehensive list! Here’s one thing you don’t know about me… I’m terrified of public restrooms & flying. No big deal except we’re constantly traveling. 🙂

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  16. Hm. No. I think I’m glad you unfriend people for posting stuff which would have upset Dave. I think that’s a good thing. A very good thing.

    Awesome list, and no…I knew not one of them (though I would have suspected a few)

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  17. Well, since you asked, sparkles&glitter and I have been best friends for two years now, as long as they leave my clothes alone.
    Dental floss is very useful. I should probably start carrying some as well. Do you like the flat floss or the round one?


  18. Yay! I love 50 Things posts. I did three of these back in Livejournal days, and actually scavenged those for the silly list on the About-Me page on my blog. I should revisit the post sometime soon; it’s been *ages.*


    3) My brother and I semi-regularly exchange lists of account and contact information just in case one of us should fall into a wood chipper or what have you. My online presence isn’t what it used to be, but I’ve always had a weird fear about dying without my online friends knowing what happened.

    6) I’m fond of Britstuff also. In fact, I order my underwear from Marks & Spencer because it’s just really good stuff.

    12) If I got rid of all my t-shirts, I would have an exteremly limited wardrobe as well. If I got rid of my t-shirts *and* the business casual stuff I wear to the office, I think I’d be down to less than a dozen pieces, including tops AND bottoms.

    20) I’ve broken two bones, but more amusingly, my injuries all tend to come with cartoonish stories about just how I got injured in the first place. I should write about that again sometime soon.

    50) I’m quite fond of Cantaloop also, and I break out with a “dittydittybop” from time to time for no apparent reason.


  19. 6) I’m fond of Britstuff also.
    20) I’ve broken two bones, but more amusingly, my injuries all tend to come with cartoonish stories about just how I got injured in the first place.


  20. 50) I’m quite fond of Cantaloop also, and I break out with a “dittydittybop” from time to time for no apparent reason.
    6) I’m fond of Britstuff also.



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