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I’ve been taking you guys all around the blogosphere with me this month, and thank goodness, because it makes this whole Internet thing feel like a really great home when I get to share it with you.

Today, I’m adventuring over to Abbie’s place, for her series on Mental Health Awareness– called Fight With Us.  I talk about Dave’s depression, and how I saw it from the perspective of someone who doesn’t have it.

When I wrote the post originally, it was nearly three times as long — but I had many helping hands reach out to help me say what I meant to say.  I don’t usually run my posts by a board, but it’s such a sensitive subject– and some part of someone who doesn’t suffer from depression commenting on it gave me a gross feeling.  Even though that someone was me.

On the other hand, I am an advocate of ending the stigma, of cultivating world knowledge, of love.  I hope I spoke on that more than anything else.  I hope I spoke on love more than anything else.

Check it out, and let me know over there if you think I did alright.
I appreciate you all.

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