my name is ra.

offblogging recaps

After my last post, Anthony sent me a Twitter message saying “You already know :-)” which is his world’s way of saying “Thud.”  Immediately, it showed two favorites– but the only avatar showing up was mine.  Is it strange that this computer glitch makes me feel warm and fuzzy?

I went Live with Bill Friday because he wrote a book and I wanted to give his book a Book Shower.  By the way, you can #BuyTheBook at


Then I went Live with Matticus to celebrate his birthday.  They cut us off after an hour, silly Facebook.    His birthday is today, you know.  Pop by and say hey.

I started an Instagram account for Rarasaur, as an excuse to use my sign board.


I went with Bill and read a poem at The Last Sunday, and stood on a stage where I had just watched over 20 brilliant poets breathe life into words:

I found out that tiny aliens live inside avocado pits:


At work, the Man in the Purple Tie and I did important jelly bean experiments.


And I feel like that sums up everything important.  What have you been doing on the internet when you’re not blogging or reading blogs?  Do you like recap posts or do they give you a headache because of all the crazy embeds and links?

[P.S. Our ThunderClap is at a social reach of 74,000.  I love you guys.]


  1. I’m slowly getting back online. That’s all I got for now.

    I have to say, when you first started doing the sign board messages, my first thought was “Cool, I want that app!” It wasn’t until your live broadcast that day (you know, the one where I was at work and couldn’t hear*) that I realized you were using an actual sign board. D’oh! 😀

    *OK, fine, that’s every broadcast 😉

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  2. I loved your broadcast with Matt although those things never work watching live. Internet too slow. You read your comments like 5 times? Wow got to leave more comments.

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    1. It’s way worse than that, Sarina, I have a comment-reading addiction. Sometimes, I go to the old WP dashboard, and search by a username and read all their comments in one go. I screenshot comments I love and keep a gallery of them on my phone. I will often read them aloud to people, even.

      I’d like to make many into signboard signs but I’m not sure how to give credit where credit is due– in the caption I can put the blog name, of course, but I feel like it should go on the sign too somehow? Most wouldn’t fit.

      Echo once said I should do a Live reading of my comments and I told him that would take forever. Because I marinate in them. You guys are amazing. True story.

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  3. I would not like my recap posts as lately I don’t even like my posts. My creative muse has left the building. So bad that today I posted “chores” I was doing….not neat projects but “chores”. Good thing I am going on three week vacation Saturday. As for you, your recaps are fine even for me who didn’t miss anything when it happened originally. My fav of these is you and Matt a very good on air pair! That was fun. 🙂

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    1. Me too! I just had a fried avocado taco. Amazing!

      And actually, it’s been a lazy month for me– I’ve been trying to take it easy, but I’ve been focused. Somewhat. 😀

      Thanks for popping by, Angelica!

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  4. Would you believe that I, at 35, have never used Instagram, never sent a tweet, and don’t have a Facebook page…
    Perhaps it’s time, as it does look fun. I’d probably end up my biggest fan/flop. However it would a blast to post little blips about the things my kids say on the daily.

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    1. It is fun being on social media but sometimes it can get old. I typically use Facebook the most, but Twitter and Instagram aren’t too bad. Maybe you would also enjoy Tumblr? There are lot’s of blogs, images, and videos on there. 🙂 Kind of similar to this site.

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      1. I forgot about tumbler….
        I love WordPress, and I’ve made true and wonderful friends-but I can also filter more what I let into my life and who I choose to share my heart with. I’m going to research tumbler now lol. (I actually watched a video on how to tweeter…still lost!) Thank you for the advice!

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  5. It was fun “seeing” you and now I can put a pretty face to your pretty name! 🙂 Your question what do I do on the internet when not blogging or reading blogs – answering emails…yes, I am an old lady who not only emails but sends letters and cards!! lol But I am young at heart to be literally connected to my devices. Blessings for a great day!

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  6. As a non-native SoCal resident, I feel it my offblogging duty to go outside and show the sun and sky how much I love them as often as possible. The latest adventure in the dust bowl (aka, my house) is Operation Find the Garage. In fact, the garbage truck that steals recycle items just dashed by, meaning both trash and recycle cans are ready for me to fill them with what I don’t need. I am off to offblog … now!

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