rarasaur maintenance

emergency link party!

Since my ThunderClap campaign is going out in a matter of hours, it occurs to me that we could have some visitors to Rarasaur blog soon.  I’ve been running around like a crazy lady, dusting the metaphorical fake plants.

I know what you’re thinking.

If they’re metaphorical plants, why make them fake?


Actually, I have a black thumb, even in my imagination.  It all goes back to a time that my big brother accidentally grew an herb garden. It started with a busted packet of cilantro seeds, dusting the dirt in a forgotten part of my backyard.   It became a garden of flourishing little green leaves, no matter what he did or which herbs he added.  Then one night, I sneezed on it, and everything died within days.

I think not.

Today, I pretty much only work with fake plants– metaphorical, imaginary, or not.

Welcome, new readers.

I wish I could say that the words you just read are a bad example of what you’ll find here. That usually I am a more consistent blogger with better writing skills and a predilection toward useful content, but that’d be a great big lie…

And though my pants catching on fire would make for great blog fodder, I’d rather not try it.

I fought a fire once, you know, when I was in prison.  I believe in rhymes and myths and true stories that must not die.   I believe that we can fix any problem, once we know it’s a problem.

I believe in knowledge.

I believe in you.

If you’re new here, the best link to start with is up at the very top top. It’s called Start Here.  There’s also a Browse page where you can see some posts by type.  If you find something rawrsome there, be sure to let me know.


Here’s a collection of some old polls and new ones that might give you an idea of the people who hang around here, and me.


Okay, Best Beloveds and new folk alike– your turn– introduce yourself.  Tell me about books you’ve written.  Give me your twitter handle, your instagram username, your facebook url.  Send me a blog link, or a picture of you and your dog.  Anything.  Just tell us something about you.


We want to get to know you.
We believe in knowledge, and you.


  1. The place looks great, sweet girl! You’ve done a great job putting everything together, everything is dusted just fine, and is that a buffet table I see over there? Woohoo! I love your decorations. 😀

    Your party will be frightfully wonderful, I promise.

    *hugs* ❤

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  2. Your party will be such a hit, we’re all going to go home exhausted but happy. I’ll probably do my usual thing of sitting quietly in a corner and watch everyone else and have a stonkingly good time 😀

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  3. Yep, this party is all about you, Ra – and i’ll cry if I want to!

    I’ll instead share just the tiniest sprinkling of some of my favourite posts of YOURS. I know they are not all happy – just as the book won’t be – but they are beautiful words nonetheless and I am, as always, grateful to you for sharing.

    call me ra
    these hands
    I asked for a love letter
    the upside down tree
    #rawrlove spottings
    do me a favor?

    I’m SO excited about the release of your book – you’re an author!! – and the earth shaking Thunder Clap that is about to hit in the next 8hrs by my timezone. I know your new readers will feel the same welcoming warmth and love here that I do, and I look forward to seeing some new faces around here 🙂

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  4. I would so totally pick a link, just to be the odd duck here, but sadly I have nothing that really stands out. So gratz on the book and YAY!!! So exciting! 😀

    *Cheers and Hugs* Tell everyone at the live party that Green Embers says hi! 😀

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  5. I love you, Ra, and I love this space!

    How to introduce myself?
    I’m multiple online identities converging into a patchworked and wholer mosaic.

    My blogging began with the me I wanted and used to be, Kina Diaz de Leon, until I started becoming myself as I’ve journeyed as a Human In Recovery (http://humaninrecovery.wordpress.com)

    At the beginning of 2016, I decided to start with a new, more focused, themed blog, combining my chosen path of faith and love of music which has been healing me through being Fallen, Broken, and Saved (https://fallenbrokenandsaved.wordpress.com). Carmen is my chosen moniker there.

    Both blogs are on indefinitely intermittent hiatus as I navigate my labyrinthine reality.

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  6. Love you, Ra! I am beyond excited to see Sack Nasty in my mailbox and to be able to share it with my blogger friends/readers. It is going to be amazing just like you and while I don’t really have anything to share because this is about you today –you know that anyone and everyone is welcome over at http://www.itsjustlife.me anytime!!!! Love you, girl!

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    I’m @mobilene on Twitter and Instagram. I Instagram nothing but film photographs! Because it feels subversive to me.

    And I’ve been blogging for 9 1/2 years. Click my name to see it.

    I actually wrote a book once. It was published and everything. It was a how-to book about Microsoft PowerPoint! Not high literature, but it sure helped pay the bills.

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  8. The blog looks lovely as always!

    I’m phrogmom. Mom of 2 magical autistic boys, artist, dj, lapsed blogger, beginning homeschooler, amateur chef, aspiring yogini, reader, swimmer, and lifelong learner.

    If you are new here, you should know that rara is the magical dinosaur glue that holds this community together. And we ❤ her!

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  9. My name is not really Holly. I used to write elsewhere but ditched a lot of it and decided to start over. It’s been a super slow start, too, LOL. When I do write, it’s about nothing and everything, sprinkled with nerdiness and spurts of not acting my age.

    I have known Ra in one form or another for over three years now and look forward to counting her as a lifetime friend for years to come. ❤

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  10. Ack! On the spot Polldaddy! (Or rather Pollmamma over here)
    Stuff I read…I usually only look at the pictures…lol. (And I’m arguing with my autocorrect who insists I write “ I looks at the pictures”, so there you have my mental capacity in a nutshell)
    Trees are tall and thick and blue/green/black and dense with spindly pale green undergrowth and soft mossy carpet…occasional shaft of sunlight.
    Yikes, giraffe? But I’m a wolf.
    Voices are still arguing about that one.
    Whew…tea! I GOT ONE!
    Sack Nasty…probably all of the above. ;D

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  11. You are such a giver, my friend. You are a bright light in an otherwise gray world. We all love you.

    As for me, I’m a dreamer and a realist. Is that possible to be both? I don’t know. I’ve written a couple of books myself. They’re mysteries. Like life is a mystery. You can find me at: http://tobreatheistowrite.com

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  12. Call me lost among the Ra pages. Where are we supposed to put our stuff? Websites, other us links, Books we wrote or other points of us stuff you requested. I don’t want to plop it down in the middle of one of your projects. LOL! I think I ordered and Thunder-clapped on the right pages. Now just one more to go. 🙂


  13. DiAnne’s Places
    Gooodreads dianne_ebejer
    Twitter.com @DEbejer
    Youtube.com/DiAnne Ebejer
    diannesthings@wordpress.com “Thought You Might Like This”
    dianneebejer.wordpress.com “poetry and then some..”
    Wrote one little self published poetry book in 1995 “Moons and Straws” with the theme Some people drink the moon through a straw, Some people never see moons at all. 🙂
    Nick name – Di

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  14. I missed the party but I love the polls. You certainly know your readers. Just a practical suggestion – is it possible to get the pictures on the header to scroll more slowly? I’m a quick reader, but it’s hard to get through the text in such a short time.

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  15. Was offline for the wknd. All of this.. Every little piece has me smiling. Buying your book when I get home. I am so very happy for you Ra … Love to you and to your gorgeous book and to all the success that is bound to come. 💕

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  16. (whispering …) I am selfishly posting a link to my writer’s cave; I’m only doing it because Ra asked, and how can I say no, despite preferring to tell all the new folks to her space how fantastically wonderful she is? Sigh. And what’s worse, I rarely follow directions, so go figure. http://starvingactivist.com.

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  17. And then there was this. Please forgive our recent absence as we were on vacation and that is something I do not take lightly no computer for 10 days… Nice, rejuvenating computerlessness similar to meditation it’s a zen that I afford myself on occasion. I believe in you too. Thanks as always for the real. A glimpse into your soul a welcoming place. See ya’ on the internet sister.

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