my name is ra.

it’s okay to play.

It’s even okay to win.
So go do that.


Win a copy of Sack Nasty at GoodReads:

Win a copy over from Book at the Door and a print of one of my signboard images:

And/or, come to my party and win one there:

[If you win at Book at the Door but you already have a copy, just tell Jessie who you think we should surprise.  I’ll still send you a print of the signboard, or any of my other signboard posts if you’d like a happier one.  At least play, though.  She appreciates your support, as do I.]

You have permission. Go put something silly in the world. #JoyIsAVitalResource

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It’s okay to play.

Actually, it’s awesome to play.  It means you’re making the world a little more joyful, and I am thankful to you for doing that.

So blow bubbles.
Win a book about prison poetry.
Hug a friend.
Put something happy in the world. It needs it.




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