chug, chug, chug.

The time is now,
and it is yours.
Wake up and
drink in dreams.
The world is
full of joy for you,
from the seams.

We’ve been saving
all the Stories
for you and
all your future friends.
They’ll make you brave
when the world looks cracked,
because you’ll know
how quick it mends.

Fill yourself up
with our magic and love,
till you burp up
a world-wide hug.
Be brave, lucky one,
we’re waiting for you:
so chug,



Our beautiful #StoriesBaby and her mama and papa need your loving thoughts right now.   She needs to be eating more so she doesn’t get transferred to a hospital. When you’re in the right frame of mind to offer up good vibes and/or prayers– just remember this thought:

Dear #StoriesBaby, #ChugChugChug. We love you. Sincerely, The Whole World


  1. I’m chug-chug-chugging for the new baby Ra! I got your poetry book with the lovely inscription to me yesterday, yay! We are camping this weekend with no cell or interwebz and I will hang on to every word as I read it my friend. XOXOXO

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  2. Update: She needed to take 30mls to meet her volume for the day shift…and took 80mls, with a little bit of spit-up. We’ll take it!

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