Years ago, Dave made me a 30-day-challenge because I said I needed one to get me interested in Instagram.  Time went on and I fell into my happy over-use of Instagram any way, but I found his notes last night and thought I’d take up the challenge.

A few expressed interest in doing it alongside me so I’m sharing the list here, as always– the more the merrier.  Tag it #Somethingist so I can find it.  Use these on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, your blog, wherever.  Pick one idea and build it out, or all of them, in order or out.  Let the prompts take you wherever they want to go, as always, there are no rules here.  Myself, I’m going to do them in order and post them to Instagram.

I’d love to see your somethings, wherever or however they be…

1.    Something unfinished
2.    Something unlikely
3.    Something true
4.    Something invisible
5.    Something damaged
6.    Something possible
7.    Something displaced
8.    Something shocking
9.    Something substantial
10.    Something fragile
11.    Something temporary
12.    Something surprising
13.    Something strong
14.    Something illuminated
15.    Something dangerous
16.    Something secret
17.    Something foretelling
18.    Something obvious
19.    Something celebratory
20.    Something repaired
21.    Something terrifying
22.    Something lucky
23.    Something suspicious
24.    Something healing
25.    Something silly
26.    Something far
27.    Something near
28.    Something open
29.    Something closed
30.    Something overdone



  1. I love this! I’ve done the Fat Mum Slim FMS Photo A Day challenge on and off in the past – and it’s great – but I really like Dave’s prompts here as they really get me thinking. These are going to be tricky! Thank you for sharing yet another lovely memory 🙂

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  2. Gosh, what a great challenge! My phone can’t take a single more photo for Instagram or Twitter, I am out of memory on it, lol! I guess I need to figure out how to transfer them all to my computer. (Or maybe it’s time to upgrade my ancient android?) Will you be posting the daily challenge on your blog too besides Instagram or the like?

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  3. As if you don’t have enough to do … as I think there may be a few of these simmering nicely but that need time to cook fully, feel free to poke me around the holidays to ask if they came to fruition 😀

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  4. My oh my – here we are in day 21 already! This has been great fun and the posts have been interesting, creative, funny and, yes, some of them a little sad. One thing I don’t understand is what constitutes a “top post” or why there is a need for “top posts”. I think all the posts are fantastic! Just a thought. I’m going to hate to see this end of this as it has been both challenging, interesting and fun. Thanks!

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