100 / remembering grandma

I remember Grandma mostly for the arguments we never had.

She was an immigrant widow who claimed things were better back where she started.

I would angrily think on everything people sacrificed for the right to build dreams on this soil, but I’d bite my tongue on my response: “So go back.”

“Things were better where I started.” I said today, and was glad for the times I did not speak, because now I know.

Some places can’t be gone back to, once you leave–
no matter how promising the soil,

or how loved the person
who rests in it.


I’m participating in StoryADay, but it looks like I’ll be blogging without a computer so I’ll be going on my own timeline. This is Day 3’s challenge to write a 100 word post.

Have you been up to any writing challenges lately?


  1. The challenge to me now is to produce one post each week. One month down; onto month two! It’s supposed to come out on Tuesday, so I could be mad at myself for missing today … but I’m not. It’s been a difficult, low-energy day. Also, the day isn’t over yet … And even if I decide to wait until tomorrow – when I can go outside and get better pictures than the ones I took yesterday – that’s okay. It’s a challenge, not a threat.

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    1. Exactly. I always wanted to argue, but … it seemed so self-serving. It wasn’t until now that I entertained a different reason for the nostalgia. ♡ Thanks for reading, Curt.


  2. Thank you for sharing. I signed up for this too but have yet to fit it in. ‘On my own schedule’ sounds about right. I really want to finish off the #somethingist challenge too. I am so far behind.

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  3. “Some places can’t be gone back to” and so we have our memories, some of which are tended and grow all manner of flower and fruit, and others which are locked away and somehow find the key in order to return and haunt. It’s quiet a wonder that we can fit so many gardens and so many ghost stories inside our little heads.

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  4. I love how you can write “pretty” and “heartbreaking” all at once.
    My writing challenge lately is not the ideas but the sitting down… Maybe I need to embrace a challenge to force myself to make some time….



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  5. I have never participated in any of the challenges or prompts. I struggle with them because they make me feel constricted. I have had some writers block lately so I’ve been considered giving some of them a try.

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    1. I only stay away from the ones that give you a hard time if you stray from the rules. Stuff like the prompts at DailyPost.Wordpress.com , or my #somethingist challenge, or the Weekend Coffee Share. You can pretty much take the prompt as a kick off point and then go your own way. ♡


  6. No challenges, not even my own blog-hop lately, just because I’ve been lax and useless. I’ve written infrequently and without any ‘thread’ between things. BUT my self-set challenge is to write letters this weekend. Real ones. On paper.

    And send them.

    I think your grandma was right, but life grows us and we don’t understand how right our elders are until we’ve got there. Congrats (or something rather less celebratory) on the wisdom. ❤

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  7. My challenge is unmotivating and time. I had many inspirations of stories to write when I got back from Nepal and recent thing that have happened but life came racing back at full speed twice as fast and you can’t catch up. But presently at this hour my challenge is a mosquito trying to feast.

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  8. amazing that in 100 words you can describe her in a way that makes me think that I know her. I haven’t participated in any writing challenges…though I do photo challenges regularly. Writing challenge might be fun. Will have to think on that. Or write on it.

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  9. I know that our own words and opinions can eventually come back to haunt us. I didn’t know my grandparents, but I’ve certainly experienced the same with my mother.

    We can never go back … it’s not there anymore.

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  10. Just recently discovered your blog. I’ve seen your homepage and this post. You convey a very unique voice through your writing. You might get that a lot, but just had to say it as I’m a newbie.

    By the way, the only writing challenge I’m currently facing is getting a script fully written.

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  11. Ra…missed your posts for a while. Caught this one. It’s almost poetic, it is poetic. And lovely. As most of your stuff is.
    Me…I’m doing the DP Photo Challenge once a week and write a travel story to go along with it. My latest one is not my usual humor, it deals with Terezin, and despotism, and death.
    cheers…and grace

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  12. Beautifully told! The things that we think we have all figured out , change in perspective , many times over , in life .
    I might throw myself some challenges there , too . Love you, too. Probably.



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