50 truths, 1 prize

I said 50 true things about myself here, and 1 lie– if you spot the lie, you’ll win the prize!Β  It’s worth randomly guessing, and guesses are accepted here, Twitter, FB, or even text.

Do we share any truths?


  1. Your lie (just random guess): allergy to penicillin. Or you prefer heels. But I’ll stick to the penicillin as my official answer.

    What we have in common: never seen Jaws, astigmatism, Star Trek (although for me I’ve seen all of The Next Generation but I have seem quite a few of the original), I lose things a lot, run a blog, good at memorizing lyrics, used to bite my nails, like Sherlock Holmes, and I can sew and knit.

    Thanks for sharing more about you. That was so much fun! Can’t wait to find out your lie!

    I LOVE your shirt, Btw! 😍

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  2. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the lie is that Sherlock Holmes is your favourite character. Anyone who’s read the Princess Bride that many times must surely have a favourite character somewhere less…haunted.

    That said.

    (I was gonna go with the black pen one, but Matt got there first and I see no point in doubling the guesses)

    I’ve never seen Jaws either. Which might be the only truth in 50 that we share!


  3. The lie might be: “I’m going to tell you 50 things about myself, 50 of which are true and 1 of which is a lie.” And here are 7 things about myself that I have in common with you, and sadly none are too exciting (except the blog): studied psychology, have an astigmatism, have never seen Jaws, have a blog, allergic to penicillin, not a fan of apples (unless cooked), and can sew and knit. I am curious about the turmeric and yogurt combo!


  4. Oh, I see Matt wrote that your lie is that you always write in black pen. That must be the lie. Funny thing is that was the one thing that you said that I was like, what did she say, so I was planning to say the lie was that you play clarinet. There is a few things that I would like to hear more about like the time you went viral and the lessons you learned about it – I’m sure it must be on here somewhere already – and the time you sang at carnegie hall – that seemed to fantastic to be a lie.

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  5. I’m going to guess that the lie is that you only write in black pen.
    Along those lines, I will not continue to use a pen if I discover that it has blue ink. I prefer black ink. But I will happily use pens with less common colored inks, such as purples or greens.
    I have never seen the movie Jaws, even though it’s been sitting on my DVR since I recorded it over half a year ago with the intention of finally watching it.
    I also have an astigmatism and got a new pair of glasses with a new prescription to help correct the issues it causes in my vision a few days ago. I’ve almost become acclimated to them. My husband and I also learned that he has an astigmatism too. I’ve known since highschool about mine, the optometrist we saw last week is the first person to tell my husband about his. He, however, had no issues acclimating to his new glasses.

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  6. So many amazing things about you!

    But, I saw a video of you once where you were doing doodles and had a myriad of pens in lots of different colors in front of you. So, unless you’re not counting doodling as writing, I’m going to go with the “writes only in black pen” as the lie.

    Doodling should be writing, if it isn’t. It’s like … heart writing. Yeah.

    2nd guess would be the C- on the fire test. That just doesn’t sound like you, either.


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  7. I’d have to say the lie is that you only write in black pen…….someone with your imagination wouldn’t limit themselves that way! You don’t like apples, I don’t like bananas……and I prefer flats to heels, heels are sooo bad for your feet! I used to prefer heels, too, and learned the hard way……..so many wonderful things to learn about you, some I’d guessed, correctly, yay me, and some were happy surprises πŸ™‚ One more thing about me…..I’m an adopted middle child………that made chilhood super interesting. Thanks for sharing,. Ra, this was awesome.


  8. “I’m not saying I’m Batman but..”πŸ˜‚

    I *loved* this list! It’s funny when you think of all the things you’ve done in your life so far are there are random ones like changing industrial air filters (can’t say I’ve done that one)

    Always writing in black pen seems popular and the evidence is weighing in its favour.. but I’ll Buck the trend and say “I don’t use a pillow” as that surprised me. But then again you probably have mentioned it on here before!

    I have to watch the list again. Would it be a bad thing if we all did our own 50 truths, 1 lie?😱


    1. When you say “all of Star Trek” (and I believe that oneπŸ˜‰) do you mean TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise..? Geeky, inquisitive minds want to know!

      Also, I missed it first time around, but “my wedding dress had a hand-painted poem on it” – beautiful❀️

      Also, also, in the subtitles your name is ‘Ron Davis’ which is hilariousπŸ˜‚

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  9. I’m 32, but I’m not a rat because the Chinese New Year started in February in 1984. I’m also allergic to penicillin 😦 I assume you’re not a side sleeper to not use a pillow, my guess would be a tummy sleeper.

    You have this smile that seems a little mischievous after saying you’ve never driven. idk if that’s because you don’t have a license ergo it’d be illegal if you had or what but I’ll say that’s the lie.

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  10. My guess was Carnegie Hall was the lie although I have no good reason to think that!

    I had thought that I was going to be playing a game this weekend where you say two truths and a lie and people have to guess what the lie is. We didn’t do it but one of my truths was going to be that I have been to concerts by LA Guns and Alice in Chains. I figured people would never think that was true about me but it was!


  11. Really, all of this sounded as though it could be true … particularly the more unexpected things. Carnegie Hall – really??? Do tell! I’m going to guess the lie was high heels. But that could just be me. I agree that they are sexy and beautiful, but I just don’t see the point (unless it’s a stiletto). Anyway … you prefer flats. That’s my guess… πŸ™‚

    Something about me … One of the first things I bought when I came to live in the US was a globe. I saw it in St Vincent de Paul, and the first thing I did was put one finger on Washington and the other on South Africa, and confirmed that I had traveled pretty much as far from home as was possible (assuming home was dry land). That evening, when the Hubbit came home from work, he saw it, and the first thing he did was put one finger on Washington and the other on South Africa, and say, “Wow! You came a long way to be with me!”

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  12. Hi, Ra! I’m not a fan of apples either, even though they look really good. My guess would be for you at Carnegie Hall. That’s super cool if you were, though! πŸ™‚ Love your video!

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