my name is ra.


I’ve been posting mini blogs on Instagram under the tag #InstaRarasaur.

Here’s one that I wrote, that inspired a shirt, both of which you’ve seen if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Maybe nobody can see past your heart. It’s so big. 
Maybe nobody can see past the spikes in it, the ones so asymmetrical that some days you’re  thrown off-balance, that some days your heart beats with a limp, that some days you’re dangerous to touch.  

Maybe nobody is sure how to handle your claws, 

your roar, 

your teeth that you snap like an angry pixie, 

your blue that you wear like skin.  
Maybe you feel like they’re staring behind you,  at the footsteps you left when you carried heavy things like big love and tall sadness. 

Maybe they’ve noticed that you leave no footstep at all now,  like a vanished one,  an extinct creature,  a dinosaur. 
 Maybe you are a dinosaur, basically. 

Maybe you have a dinosaur heart and it’s supposed to be big, and it’s supposed to be spiked, 

and it’s supposed to scare people a little.  

The ones who should be scared,

 but not you,  

never you.  

Don’t be afraid of your heart. 
Wear it and walk forward,  it is yours today, 

and today is yours. 


  1. Hearts are not for fearing. Maybe wearing, on a shirt or sleeve. Hearts are actually for sharing. Unless they’re leering, with teeth. Then I’d leave. ❀️❀️❀️ #ShelSilversteinSortOf #rawr

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  2. Beautiful post and I actually feel this way. But you’re right. I should proudly carry around my disheveled heart like it’s a trophy. Because it’s one. It’s a gold trophy for making it through everything I’ve seen.

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