He’s known for his screams
and she, for her cheers,
and they, for brokenness
and unlikely fears.

Sometimes he’s a fox
Sometimes she’s a ‘saur.
Sometimes they’re truth,
Sometimes they’re lore.

He smells all the sunbeams
in dark tales no one hears–
and when they start falling,
his fur catches her tears.

Sometimes, he’s a fox,
Sometimes, she’s a ‘saur.
Sometimes, they bark.
Sometimes, they roar.

She watches his dreams
as they tickle his ears,
and they count as they’ve learned to:
in moments, not years.

Book. Dog. Polished toes. #EGBO

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    1. Ahh Akira is dealing with another issue. Liver inflammation which cost 1/2 of the surgery.but apparently the ligament has to be more torn for them to operate because of his ongoing medical stuff so probably within next 4 months.

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