my name is ra.

runaway eggs

Originally posted to my secret blog, June 2016.

“Oh no,” Deb says. “You’re getting chocolate all over Auntie Ra.”

Littler J smiles, unconcerned.
“Ra likes choco.”

In this, he’s actually wrong. Ra doesn’t like chocolate, other than for the 5 blissful seconds where it sings onto my tastebuds. I don’t like that it breaks out my skin. I don’t care for the smell. I’m not sure how I feel about its global impact.

He smiles at me for confirmation and in that moment–
Ra loves choco.

Once upon a time there was a movie called The Runaway Bride, where Julia Roberts played a woman who almost got married several dozen times but would take off right before the wedding. Richard Gere plays a journalist who wants to know why. As part of his investigation, he realizes that every guy she almost married thinks she likes her eggs prepared a different way. She always eats them exactly the same way as her intended.

So do I.

I couldn’t tell you if I like scrambled eggs more than poached. I know when my dad makes poached eggs and cuts into them with a happy smile, I love my eggs poached too. I know when Mamasaur is babbling over her favorite black skillet, throwing fritos and diced tomatoes into her scrambled eggs, I eat them just like that. I know when Dave spent an entire morning preparing a hundred deviled eggs for me, shaped like dinosaurs, those were my favorites.

In prison, I ate a fried egg that I cooked for myself. The first thing I had cooked with real utensils and grills in over a year. It tasted like freedom, and that egg– that egg I loved too.

In the movie, they try to fix her. They make her choose her favorite, and I couldn’t help but think– why does it matter?

I love people more than eggs.
I love sharing things with the people I love, more than eggs.
I like having things in common with people, more than eggs.

That seems totally reasonable to me.

Ra loves people.

And sometimes that means, even though she doesn’t really– Ra loves chocolate.

Especially when its wiped onto her clothes and hair by tiny hands.
Especially when it’s called choco.
Especially when it is considered a precious resource and it is shared freely.

In those moments…

Ra loves choco more than anything ever invented.




  1. Hehe.
    An egg is an egg…
    Is an egg
    An egg is MORE than an egg when made out of love.
    People are people..oh yes
    All shapes, sizes, colours
    All sorts of personalities and insecurities
    Sometimes nice, sometimes not
    Sometimes smart, sometimes not
    Sometimes pretty, sometimes not
    From the insider and sometimes
    Only from the outside.
    But there we go…
    People unlike eggs
    Are souls..
    Sometimes they make it so easy to see that
    Sometimes not.

    You know, I remember a long long time ago…someone told me that the food we prepare carries the energies that we contained when we cooked them. I remember too that, that is the reason why a long long time ago, wives were always asked to be happy and to love their husbands when they were preparing the meal.

    I feel that it extends beyond that. I feel all that we prepare and make, all that we create and share..carries our energies..and how awesome would it be if we all could do it with only one feeling, that of love.

    And you know what else..I think I just posted a blog post as a comment here. And as my naughty little mind is it, ask Ra to check your blog post for this comment…you need a blog post, I’m going to leave it here..with love 🙂

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  2. Awwww! This is the cutest thing ever! You turned a post into eggs into a heartwarming ode to people — that’s true talent my friend. 🙂 Wonderful post! I love it! ❤

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  3. I love this post and I agree 💯 that Ra loves people. But the egg thing in the movie matters because symbolism. She has to be okay with her likes and interests and be willing to share them with her prospective partner. Because she molds to them she loses herself and doesn’t realize it’s not right until it’s time to walk down the isle. And I agree with that too. You have to be comfortable in your skin and be who you are to truly do the relationship thing. Though that’s just my two cents. I like over easy the best and order that no matter who I’m with. Lol

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  4. I love my people more than food too. There are times when we go out for dinners, my brother would always probe me on what I want to order but I constantly dodge the questions because I am there for being with the family and not for the food. Brilliantly written 🙂

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  5. Methinks you love love.

    Food gets tangled in production methods and ethics, and that’s a struggly thing.

    People get tangled with love, and that can be a sheer joy.

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