absurdity fellowship

want a holiday card?


Be sure you’re on my list.

I haven’t decided if it’ll be a Christmas card or New Years card. Or a hey-look-it’s-raccoon card. Do you mail cards for the holidays?


  1. I stopped mailing Christmas cards a few years ago. Truth is, I’m ashamed of myself for being so thoughtless. Nothing compares to a hand written card in the mailbox. Thanks for posting the spark I had lost 🙂


  2. I had already joined it, but didn’t remember. sighs….LOL I do send cards randomly. I use to send Christmas cards every year mailed on December 1st without fail. Now we don’t send them most of the time. I am trying to send more cards, I certainly want to get others into sending more cards…giggles


  3. I wish people still hand wrote letters and sent cards to each other. I totally love this! Thank you. 🙂 It amazes me how dedicated you are to your followers. You’re kinda like a dinosaur mom who throws eggs at your followers’ heads. Except there’s cool stuff in the eggs. And it doesn’t hurt, its fun. 😉


  4. Sending holiday cards is the easiest way to support the U.S.P.S., which is at risk of losing funding if things go the way they’re saying. I’d hate to have to figure out how to send cards through FedEx or UPS, because that would just be dumb.


  5. I love getting holiday cards. I extra love getting holiday letters, and sending them- and HOLY CRAP I BETTER START WRITING ONE!!! (thanks for the reminder! 😛 )



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