and to think that i saw it

There’s probably a mermaid out there in the water. There might be a daisy on the sun.

Yesterday, I curled up under a Christmas tree and saw magic blink by. It could have been a faerie. It may have been a miniature goblin.

Today, an Elvis song started at the exact moment as the rain. It was raining water, but there may have been diamonds in there too. There might have been apple juice

The rain itself might be the sweat of a dragon flying close to the sun in hopes of bring able to make a wish on a weed.  It might be the splashes of a mermaid who is visiting a cousin cloud. 

Don’t look straight at magic,  you’ll never see it clearly that way. 

Close your eyes,  and peek out the sides. 

There’s so much that happens just out of sight, so much in our peripherals.

What do you see?


  1. I see magic in the laughter of my children, the pitter patter of their feet hitting the floor, in their smiles when they see their grandpa, or when they find that piece of candy at the bottom of their backpack that I secretly hid in there.




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