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a helluva year next door, let’s go

I’ve had a wild couple of years. Not the good kind of wild, where tiny monkeys peek joyfully from behind giant leaves.  Not the good kind of wild, where a thousand different flowers cozy together under a hot midday sun.

Not the good kind of wild, but wild nonetheless.

2017 will be different because I am planning to be the most wild thing about it.  I will be the tiny monkey, I will be the giant leaves, I will be the thousands of flowers, and I will be the midday sun.  I will be wild, the good kind.

Four years ago, this week, I was blogging about names for Frankenstein’s monster.  I was posting doodles and poems that I wrote specifically for those who helped us coordinate an effort to provide company on Christmas for those without.  I wrote fables about blogging, and made a word cloud of Rarasaur posts.  It looked like this:


This year, based on only the posts written in 2016:


It’s a strange thing to watch my blog grow up. It’s a stranger thing to see it stay so very much the same, but perhaps the truth of it is written in the stars.

Blog Horoscope by @TheSarahFader

2017 will be a year of stretching. I am making my vision board, and filling it with wishes and dreams. I am excited for this coming year, I feel it knocking at the doorway and I am eager to let it in.

There’s a helluva year next door, I am sure of it.
Let’s go.

(Let’s go.)
(Let’s go.)


Have you ever made a wordCloud for your blog? (This year I used to do mine and pasted in the actual content of my posts.) I had the actual content of my posts in a word document because I am handwriting a book of my favorite parts. Handwriting it! That was the secret project I mentioned last week. (Be sure to tell me if you have a favorite post you want me to include.) Have you ever thought of turning your blog posts into a book? Oh, and how do you like my blogoscope? Do you think it’s accurate? Give kudos to Sarah, or send her $10.50 and get your own. Did you catch the reference to the ee cummings poem? Did I have too much coffee? Can you guess how many words I wrote for Rarasaur blog this year?


  1. I’m so tempted to make a book out of my blog posts but I don’t know where to start. I be never used WordCloud but it looks cool and I want to try it now. 🙂 The blogoscope is nice and my guess is 100,000 words.

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    1. Doooo it! Let’s be wild together. Firstly, word clouds are awesome. If you don’t have your blog in a text file of some sort, then I’d suggest because it allows you to use the RSS feed. On WordPress blogs, the RSS feed is just 🙂

      As to the book, what part of your blog do you feel would best translate to the printed form? What type of posts. Start by gathering those.

      And your guess is close! A bit too high!

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      1. Ok yeah I’ll probably have to use that tagxedo then. I want to pull some posts from my blog but also expand on some things to make it more holistic. Anyway, the stuff I’d take would mostly be my writing about human potential, love, God, inner peace, that kind of stuff. But idk that sounds almost like a self-help book and I just don’t want to do that. Like I see my blog as a lifestyle thing so idk if the book would be a lifestyle book? Lol. 90,000 words then.

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        1. It wouldn’t necessarily be self-help. I also wouldn’t worry about what genre it would be in… myself, I’m trying to think of it as if… if I could give someone a book that would make them feel like a Best Beloved, what would be in that book? For some reason, that seems easier to digest that trying to find a more cohesive point to it all. 🙂 90k it is!

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          1. Ooh yes I was spot on! Yeah, I need to do some soul-searching on if I want to make that book happen. I think I do but I’m not sure.

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              1. Thanks. By the way, how did you figure out how many words you’ve written this year? I didn’t think WordPress gave insights on that.

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                1. Good question, no, they don’t. It’s on my short list of things I’d want WordPress to magically be able to do. In my case, I copied and pasted all my post content to a Word document in order to be able to start compiling the book. Word offers a Word count, so that’s how I was able to figure it out. 🙂

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  2. Rara! That’s an absolutely spiffy idea! It’s like knowing a book that’s coming is great already because your blog is already smashing so I can’t wait for the book already! How’s it coming along? 😀

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    1. Yay, thank you. It’s coming along great. I’m very attached to it already, even though it’s in my own handwriting and I’ve never cared for that. There’s something soothing to it, something personal. I’m including pieces of posts more than full content… so it’s random, but love filled. And you? When will I get to hold your poems?

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  3. I think it is so cool that you’re doing all these amazing things. You’re gonna have a freaking book from your blog posts! And you’re handwriting it! Something I would never even dream of doing. Gah! Let’s go! To the new year! ❤ (And just so you know I spent a good 20 minutes being distracted by, never having used it before.).

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  4. Handwriting your book is absolutely brilliant. I am doing the same for mine (well, when I was writing as I am on hold at the moment looking for a muse). So much satisfaction. Lots of luck. May 2017 bring all you wish for

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  5. What a brave endeavor to handwrite a book! It’s wonderful! As for my favorite of your blog posts there are many but “oh nothing” stands out in my mind. Good luck with all your projects for 2017 and beyond! So happy to see you kicking ass! 😊❤

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  6. You’re already quite the wildest thing about this blog…I can’t imagine much is different in real life.

    I’m glad for your book of posts. They bring such light and such…space to think, even if they’re not intended as joyful, they’re free and contain something which I suppose would be ascribed (poetically) to the jungle animals, plains animals, and possibly all wild creation – they feel majestic.

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  7. I believe 2017 will be amazing for you. For me? I haven’t actually accepted that 2017 is right around the corner…so I have no plans, no dreams, no wishes. Guess I better wake up and smell the snowflakes. Or drizzle. Depending.

    I’ve never done the blog image thingy…but I have thought about making parts of the blog into a book. But I can never decide which parts.

    And I’ve also thought about printing it…for me. It’s a history of my life and someday the world won’t be able to open WordPress software and so much will be lost. Long after I’m gone I suppose. Still. It’s a history of my life.

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  8. I am dreaming of an injury-freedazzling 2017, lol! I look forward to your new handwritten book, I treasure my Sack Nasty but seeing your handwriting would be so much better. I remember your handwritten letters from prison your husband would post. And your handwritten postcard you sent me has a special place on my bookshelf/display case. Have a glittery and sparkly New Year! >3

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  9. You’re revving up and I’m revving down. I deleted my YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud over the last two months. All I have left is my blog and my email. I’m at one of those directionless points with my on-line activities, (and am one of those people that need a direction to be active…) but still check in here and a couple of other places that feel like home. I’m glad to see you fired up, and looking forward to you unleashing your chaos.

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