People will write poems on you.
At least… they could. Or might.
People can read right through you,
and the poems you write.

People may just notice when
you throw a poem their way.
People might just wait for them,
to hear what you will say.

You may never use a name,
or reveal a great confide–
but you have torn a great wall down.
We now read on your side.

Your readers may have known your poems,
or been them once before–
and the way that you have linked us?
It remains an open door.

Your readers will be poems for you,
and wear the ones you write.
And if a dark comes to your land,
you may count on us for light.

The world you’ve rescued must be heavy–
each stanza saved, a task.
But we will lend a helping rhyme,
If you might simply,


  1. Blatlas – a world community. I think that’s a fair assumption…?

    Thank you for scribing a remind that we are not at it alone, as much as we may believe at times. A tribe, a family, a fold of like-minded, -principled people will confer that message to their own, in their own specific ‘brand’ of way, I’ve found.

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  2. This is sweet. Don’t know if you meant it to be. But it’s nice to think that readers can be light to blog writers… or any writer I suppose. I know right now I’m stranded in a small town in TN while my car gets worked on and worked on and worked on…and my readers, most of whom have become friends over the years, have been so supportive when I get frustrated.

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  3. I feel like this is either very meta or you are writing to someone specific. My brain is a bit fried with the new phone, being sick and well it is a tiny brain. Any hint as to what it all means? 🙂

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  4. Everything about this poem is great, thanks for sharing it. Were I a selfish person I would say that you’re depriving us of this manna by not giving it more regularly. I wish I could say that and still be fair, but I can’t. You give this manna regularly, but in another form.

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