absurdity playtime poetry


Here’s a thing I could’ve said…
Here’s one I should’ve not.
Squish this think I should’ve thunk
before it becomes thought.

Stand on these words here, right now,
before they get away.
Hide these ideas good and well.
They’ll be shared another day.

Here’s a book I wish I read.
Here’s a page I shouldn’t turn.
Bake this truth until it rises,
but make sure it doesn’t burn.

I said this word I might’ve meant.
I thought this said I didn’t.
A word means nothing on its own,
it’s about what you think in it.

A thought cannot stand upright
unless you think it strong.
A sound does not apologize
when it comes out all wrong.

A think you might’ve turned to words–
a thought you might have thunk–
can’t overflow a boat unless,
the boat’s already sunk.

Here’s a thought I justified,
and a poem I right aligned.
When you look for what you think I said,
that’s exactly what you’ll find.



  1. This reminded me of this quote, “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below. Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” I’m pretty sure it’s from Hamlet, at least that is what Google tells me.

    Well worded Madam Wordsmith. 🙂

    I have your nickname, lol. More of a title. Wordsmith of the 7th Order of Dinosaurs 😀

    Liked by 3 people


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