like family

I’m typing this post on my phone because I’m eating an ice cream sandwich.  

That’s it.  

That’s the only dessert reference for this post.  You’ll have to accept it because I barely have time to eat, let alone eat something that requires two hands just so I can later sit still and think of something clever.

On days like these, I use the swipe functionality to type.  If you’ve ever seen me write a text,  you might be familiar with the brushstrokes I sweep across the screen.  Without lifting a finger,  one letter connects to another until a word is formed.  I like to observe the link.

I love it,  actually. 

In gradeschool, the letters seemed so disconnected, awkwardly pressed shoulder to shoulder like the pictures Mamasaur would take of myself and my siblings.   We had an order, one we fell into naturally,   but it wasn’t the birth order. 



It was something more organic, more full of motion.


Happy birthday, big brother.

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Me, and the three that come after. I always get the chair. #throwbackthursday

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I see my family next week, for the first time since before I went to jail.  I don’t know the picture they have in their head of me anymore.  I don’t know if it’s the selfies I post, an image of the child in the pictures above,  or a vision of me the last time they saw me.  I don’t know when it was exactly,  but I was probably tucked under Dave’s right arm.

Nothing prepares you for the people who knew your heart before the world broke it in.  The people who saw it break, the people who watched you cover it in warrior paint mixed with glitter and scales.

These people knew me when letters still seemed so very disconnected, when the thought of cursive and swipe-based typing seemed like witchcraft.
Now I see letters differently.  They are symbols of everything all at once.  They are always connected even when they find themselves in different words.  In different worlds.

Just like family.


This is for #JustDesserts – a blog every day August challenge we just invented.  You’re welcome to join in too!


  1. Good luck
    I’m sure you don’t need it to see the rafam, but it never helps to keep a pinch of extra luck in your pocket. So good luck. Nothing wrong with being broken glow sticks don’t even shine before being snapped. Connected or not, when you form theright words letters are their own kind of magic. This was beautiful


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