sweep them

Today, I had an unplanned trip to the Museum of Ice Cream.   I’ve wanted to go for awhile but tickets are hard to come by. A friend was kind enough to bring me along when her plus one couldn’t make it. 
The traveling museum is known for many things but nothing so much as the Sprinkles Pool.  It’s a four foot pool full of over 95 million plastic sprinkles. 

The sprinkles stick everywhere, and when you step out, they fall from your clothes like candy rain. 

This little broom is in charge of sweeping up all the sprinkles that try to run away and, for some reason, caught my attention.  It doesn’t get them all.   I had sprinkles falling from my clothes.  I saw sprinkles on the streets outside.

But the little broom does the best it can. 

Today, I went to a museum and jumped into a pool of sprinkles.  I swang with bananas and ate handfuls of candy.

I was still pretty tired.  The kind of tired that makes you hug a teddy bear extra tight.  The kind of tired that makes you cry in the shower.  The kind of tired that isn’t really tiredness at all.

Life is a beautiful thing to me, but it can be overwhelming. An unimaginable amount of moments that seem equally important all at once.   An unimaginable number of sprinkles in a pool, impossible to shake.  Impossible to sweep.

But the little broom still tries, and maybe that’s why it caught my attention in the midst of so much glitter and pomp.

If a broom can do it,  I should be able to, too.   

I thought to myself that I should make “keep sweeping” my mantra for the month.  It’s hopeful,  in a way.  It says that little efforts make a difference, even if the tasks will never really be managed.  It says that we’re made for the challenges we face. 

But it’s also a little sad.  A little dull.  A little limited.  Is life just about sweeping up pieces of the things we swam through? The things that could have drowned us?

I took a seat on a bench shaped like an ice cream sandwich and popped a chocolate in my mouth.   Chocolate is always a good idea. 

The wrapper offered up a revision to my new mantra, an expansion to the idea that life is just about sweeping up the mess.

Chocolate is always a good idea. 


  1. I think the little broom is the most special thing. Rolling in sprinkles and swinging with bananas are like fireworks in the night sky. Brilliance that only comes along once in a while. But the little broom, sweeping, that’s ordinary, and special because it’s ordinary. Most of our lives most of the time is made up of soft sweeping ordinary moments and when we really capture the specialness of ordinary the broom shows it’s own brilliance, and sweeps you off your feet. ❤

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  2. It’s funny cause the whole time I’m reading this I’m thinking, you’re not the broom you’re the sprinkles! Overflowing everywhere and everyone else wants to sweep you up and keep a bit for themselves.

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  3. “Chocolate is always a good idea”

    Amen. 🙂

    Also. The broom only has one job (and help from many many sweepers). You have many many jobs/things to do (and are expected to do them yourself)..

    People notice all or at least most of the sprinkles the broom misses.. anything less than perfect is cause for uncontentment.. and perfection is pretty much impossible, even for a broom with lots of helpers..

    Sweeping them off their feet sounds more achievable because that can happen without perfection 🙂

    And as far as I can can tell from this far away, you sweep people off their feet at (ir)regular intervals anyway 🙂 so keep being you 🙂

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  4. I don’t know… we use brooms as ride on horses and hitting piñatas ’round these parts. Sweeping may be what they’re made for but not all they’re allowed…

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  5. That “should”, Ra…that little bullying “should”, full of its inherent glowering thoughts of ‘ought’, and ‘obligation’, and ‘owing’…ugh! I hope you find a little broom inside your heart to sweep the bully thoughts away, to clear the dust and debris from the mosaic of your life, so you can see the patterns unfolding gloriously, and the places where new artistry is being added.


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  6. The sprinkles and broom are juxtaposed in every way – that’s why they fit together so well! The picture with the “little” broom, and the sprinkles that are usually so little, are so big in these images, so abundant – so colorful, and so many of them that you can even swim in them! There’s this gentleness throughout it all. Oh, how lovely. No matter what is when and why is what and how it gets clean or not… is just lovely. ❤

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  7. Sometimes your writing makes me feel like I just randomly bumped into you on the street… or the museum of ice cream (less likely, as I’m allergic 😦 ) because you are right where I am: swimming in a sea of sprinkles but really, just wondering about the tiny broom.
    May we all revel in the sprinkles. (And maybe the chocolate, which certainly sweeps me off my feet when I need it most.)

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