yellow wrappers 

When I was small,  a butterscotch from the crystal bowl on my dad’s desk fixed almost everything.  I’d carry one in my pocket before doing difficult things, 

just in case.

I understand now that it didn’t really fix anything ever, but that grown-up life-knowledge never seems to stop me from reaching into pockets in search of one,

just in case. 


  1. I don’t believe that your dad’s butterscotch never fixed anything ever. It gave you hope and courage. Since then, you’ve faced things nobody should have to face but you’re still that rich human being, richer if anything. Rich in feeling, caring and understanding. That can be a cross to bear – the weight must lay heavy at times. If I were you, I’d go out today and buy a small packet of butterscotch and call it Dad’s butterscotch. Then I’d hide half in random pockets and put the other half in a bowl for emergencies.

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  2. For me, it was my grandfather, a treat I would dance in my carseat with impatience and glee for. It meant Nickalodean, and Kix cereal, barn kittens, and worm digging. My supervisor keeps them on his desk, and I think he keeps it filled just for me. He’s a peppermint guy.

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