to be serious

bigasloveitself.fwIt’s one of those mornings where everything sounds like poetry. The kind where words are as big as love itself and they balance on tiny feet.

Tiny feet pressed close together, only able to shuffle forward. The kind of poetry where there isn’t enough space between sentences to catch your breath and, so, where you breathe is a choice of your own making.

A choice that changes the curves of the poem, a breath that cinches her at the waist like a belt, or a pause that dangles from her hips like belly-dancing threads, or a silence that wraps quietly around her neck like that yellow ribbon so many of us were traumatized by.

I don’t open my window blinds anymore because I am afraid. It’s an unspecific fear. He might not be looking for me. He might not see me. He might not do anything even if he did. It’s absolutely ridiculous to think that tiny planks of plastic are keeping me safe, or that the piece of paper in my purse is meant to do anything but explain my corpse, but the illusion sits well with me. I feel safe when the blinds are down.

I feel safe, as I sit criss-cross-applesauce on the warm hardwood floors and I type lines of code onto a screen. I have a decaf coffee at my side because I shouldn’t drink real coffee anymore. I’m listening to the sounds around me because coding is second-nature to the point that I don’t need to focus, and the sounds of the street read like poetry. The staccato type of poetry. The kind where punctuation makes you breathe so often, you feel like you’re inflating the poem with your own air. Sometimes poems like those don’t like to knot themselves off at the end, and you can almost feel it deflating in your hands, somehow worse from your attempts to give it shape. Sometimes poems like those take too much of you and pop in your mouth, leaving welts inside you. Everything you put into it, lost in half the time. I have lived so many poems like that.

The floor is warm because the sun doesn’t have any bones and she can slide through anything, like an octopus. She doesn’t take my closed blinds seriously enough to stay back, and the man on the street doesn’t take the paper in my purse seriously enough to stay away, and the woman who needs this coding won’t take me seriously enough to pay.

I already know because I’ve been doing this job for a very long time. The code has changed, through the years, but people and stars tend to stay the same. I turn 33 years old this weekend. The code I write today is the granddaughter of the code I learned by. The sun I sit in today, is the same one I was born under. Time is a funny thing.

I am interrupted by a text. No, I choose to be interrupted by a text. This is where I want to put my air. In a conversation with someone who takes my existence seriously, someone who can occasionally hear all the poems. He tells a story about a woman running down his street, wearing a muumuu, yelling at someone on the phone for cheating on her.

I wish I had that intensity. I wish I was the type of poem that lit a fire and let the reader stroke it into a flame.

I know how I would react: quietly, politely, robotically.
thank you,
I understand.

I never react when I’m physically or emotionally assaulted, and I think some part of it is that I don’t think the person who caused my pain deserves to see it. That’s absolutely ridiculous, of course. They’re probably thrilled to move on without the consequence of an injured humanity, but I think of it as punishment, an un-linking of our villages.

thank you,
I understand.

But maybe it’s not that.  Maybe it’s that I’ve always been the type of person to listen, and maybe I’ve ingested too many memos and tweets, that say that I am not to be taken seriously.   Maybe they come along so often that they sound like poetry to me, and maybe that’s why when I run into them today, I choke.  I am already so full of this.  This, that says my female hands cannot hold the languages I use to build worlds.  This, that says my felon body does not have the same rights to protection as the one I had before the cuffing.  This, that says my brown skin is invisible.  This, that says no one owes anything for the work of a small business.

Maybe all of that has told me that I don’t really have a right to life, at least not the way I am living it.

And who is to blame for the part of me that believes all of it?  Is it the sun and how she warms me even when I have tried to shut her out?  Is it the poets I was raised on, who ride waves and glorify drowning? Is it the cops in shiny badges who smile so reassuringly that hope keeps me standing in yet another line?  Is it these hands that just won’t stop building, no matter how many poems sputter to death in their palms? Is it this mouth? That just won’t shut up?

Is it me?
Be honest.  Say it is me.

thank you,
I understand.

Tell me how the life I thought I deserved was unfaithful because of who I am. How it put its protection into another woman now, a woman who is not boneless like the sun, like an octopus. A woman who can’t survive un-survivable things by seeping through them. Tell me how she is beautiful, and unbroken, and has never killed a poem in all her life. How she only knows freedom. How she is unafraid. How she keeps her blinds open and her coffee caffeinated. How she is someone you can take seriously.

I won’t scream up and down the streets in my muumuu. I’ll just keep sitting here, typing, hoping that the girl who has the life I wanted– the simple, safe life– doesn’t read memos or tweets or plea deals or death certificates. Hoping that she loves her life. Hoping that she is real, and that the life she holds is real, and that it isn’t just a possibility my hands imagined.

You see, my hands build worlds. They speak dozens of languages that build villages. It’s second-nature. If I’m not paying close attention, they can imagine a whole life, and then write it into being.

And today, I am not paying attention.

It’s a sunny morning, even inside, even on the internet, and everything sounds like poetry.

And I’m listening.
Listening for anything you want to tell me.


      1. You know I think that there are only two people with the possibility of being right all the time. One of them is you. The other is me. This time, it’s me. And I’m glad you think so, too 😊

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  1. Whether seeping through floorboards with the sun or hugging tightly, most assuredly as real as the caffeine that still sleeps below the surface of decaffeinated coffee. 💛💚💙❤💜

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  2. Hi! I feel dumb, but I am not sure what you are writing about. I’m not sure if it is remnants of dehydrated brain or I’m just that stupid. And to have you explain would be like explaining the punchline of a joke, it loses something in the translation. *sigh* Anyway, glad to see you’re writing more!

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  3. I take you seriously. Most seriously. Your big heart and clear intelligence and clearer voice tell me you are a person of substance, even if you don’t believe it yourself. Poems are like the phoenix – they rise and rise again, even if they arise in a form you don’t recognise, even if the you that you are now, after cuffing and death certificates, is also a form that you don’t recognise. You will one day.
    Alison ❤

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  4. Ra, I think you do that have intensity, that passion. I think you measure it out in teaspoons. Still waters run deep, and for me, reading your thought feels like the sun shining on me. Shine on.

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  5. I always take you seriously – you deserve to be listened to and taken seriously – and I still marvel every day at the villages you create and the forces for good you wield. If we could build worlds the way they do in Inception, you’d be right there in the middle: weaving your arms in a dance, while a new village – a new community – spurts into life around you.

    “If you build it, they [sic] will come”

    People are drawn to you because you do have a voice – you are worth paying attention to – and they recognise that you can create a safe home for their voices too. You speak from the heart and there’s nothing robotic about that.

    I hope that you are safe and that people are taking you seriously, whatever your endeavours. You built a village that I am humbled to live in. I’m always just next door if you need anything x

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  6. THUD. ❤ Something I have not written in quite some time. The intensity of this one commands it again. Write your life, girlfriend. Line by line. In any and every language, it is beautiful. Like the words, the worlds, and you.

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  7. I don’t know what to say to this. I don’t normally think of what my life would be like if some of the shit I’ve been through never happened, but my life could’ve gone any number of endless ways.

    You and I don’t really talk any more, but I still think you’re an amazing person. Despite an occasional moment of weakness, your positivity is as boundless as the sunlight which warms you as you write masterful pieces such as this. I hope the events of the last few years haven’t dampened your light too much.

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  8. It’s you…I’m sure it’s you. In the same way that it’s me. And everyone else is them. AND it’s the sun and the time of day and the heritage of all the moments which step-stoned to now.

    I’m glad you have poetry, even when you don’t.

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  9. Everyone seems to be struggling lately….life seems so much harder, than it use to be, or maybe we’re simply more aware of the hardships, but I think it really is just harder. Harder to make it, harder to deal with it, harder to be afforded the dignity we all deserve. I miss you sweet Ra. It makes me sad to think of you feeling afraid, or not being valued for all that you are, or being taken seriously for all the gifts you bring to the table. Heavy sighs….today the sighs are a little heavy. Hang in there. 🙂

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  10. Ra, I hope you’re feeling better. I am so inspired by your writing. I’d love to connect with you about a project. Is there a way to send you an email? (I don’t want to clutter up your lovely blog with my audacious request.) If you are so inclined, you can email me at Thank you.

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