about time

I don’t like change, least of all changes in time. Daylight Savings changes the color of my morning sun. It changes the smell of the evening air as it brushes over my face.

Daylights Savings makes everything different, making Time itself one more different thing I have to get to know all over again.

I small-talk the sunrise. I introduce myself to the morning dew. When the stars wake up, I show them pictures of my childhood, and remind them that they were there, too. That they’ve known my wishes and I for a good long while.

They remember the era, they remember their young light, but they barely see me in the tales of their memory.

I am not offended.

Sometimes, after all, when I look back…
I think very little of Time.

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  1. Next to the clock on the wall of the classroom of my favorite high school teacher… yes, I had a favorite high school teacher, Mr. Bantau… was a poster. And the words on that poster were,

    “Time will pass… will you?”

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  2. I used to hate day light savings time as a kid because I loved when it would get dark early and hated pushing that back for any reason. In india we don’t have that, just go with the seasons. More fun that way.

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  3. Everyone’s posts seem to be reminding me of music for some reason.

    You’ve reminded me of this amazing song:

    I know the lyrics aren’t quite in line with what you’re meaning, but there is something about the melody with it that creates that feeling of the irrelevance of time and that strange timelessness that comes with things like the stars.


  4. I think time was only invented to help people tax their day. We could do so much with all the time in the world and yet there is so little of it available when we really need it. Also for DST I say “Bah! Humbug! Good riddance for another six months!”



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