on newness


In prison, the officers and girls would often tease others who didn’t know what to do.

“You ain’t brand new,” they’d chide.

There’s a rhythm to things there, a pattern to humanity and government alike, and even when you have no prior experience with something, it is expected that you should have Knowing.

Regular life on the outs can be like that, too. There’s a melody that we expect to play itself out and so we hear it everywhere we go. And often, nothing else.

We are not listening for anything else.

There’s a merit to newness, a value to seeing the world through the eyes of a beginner, a joy gained only by roughing through start after start. The things you know you know– the things you hope or think you know– are bricks around you, walling you in, imprisoning you.

Renew. Be new. Be free.
Everything is temporary.
Every day is a fresh start…

…. so yes, if anyone asks…
you’re brand new.

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  1. Navigating the court system is a nightmare when you’re unfamiliar… I imagine the penal system is the exact same. When you find yourself in the unlikely spot of admiring people who possess a familiarity to the situation. Admiring their routine. The easy embrace of routine, that is terrifyingly new to you. Be well sister. I’m going to have tacos today. Because of you tacos remind me of freedom. The freedom to taco, which I have and should take full advantage of. Thank you for the beautiful taco inspiration! May frightfully wonderful things happen for you.

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  2. Thank you so much Ra, I can relate to this sense of being new to a world to which others are familiar. I’m new to being old and nature is taking me there at a brisk pace, I’m 61 years and 11 months. Hopefully, I’ll get some pointers along the way.

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  3. We are all brand new every moment. The trick is to be so present that we actually live that, embody that with wide-eyed wonder. I think it’s part of the reason I love travelling – it’s the newness of everything so I’m constantly filled with wide-eyed wonder that reflects the newness in me that I’m otherwise mostly not in touch with. Your sentence about bricks is so true, and yet our daily melody plays so habitually that we barely notice.

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  4. There’s a hymn that starts with the words “new every morning”. It’s true. Each day is a new start, each moment a new gift. It would be much easier if everyone could see the world consistently through new eyes, instead of bringing their past with them and creating jaded cynicism.

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