unfinished crossovers

I hope to write a full post later today, but just in I’m trying to write some promised guest posts so I may not have time. So, just in case, here are some things I’ve been posting on Facebook lately. I call them “Unfinished Blog Drafts Converted To Vaguebook Posts So They’re Finally Good for Something”. It’s an all new series.


I’m not a poet but the universe
has written me into a poem or two.
I’m not a poet but I kissed the sun,
so today, I’m a poem…
like you.


In prison, the girls make cake from coffee creamer, beaten with cubes of sugar and water till the lumpy powdered solution thickens into a taffy-textured layer. Crumbled cookies or cereals are used for the next layering, emulsified with elbow grease and a pinch of water. Then another layer of creamer-taffy is applied, and finally, they melt down candy bars for a light frosting, and garnish the whole cake with cookies.

The process takes days.

The total cost is about $20. For many prison jobs, especially if the inmate has restitution, $20 can be an entire month’s salary. As an inmate structure firefighter, it was more than MY monthly salary.

In prison, the girls make cakes for each other’s victories— birthdays, another year survived; milestones, a few less days of prison; celebrations, another one managed without the ones we love.

People say that no matter what craziness happens out here, at least I can’t miss the food inside, but I do.

You see…
in prison, the girls make cakes.

Some days I can’t find the shape of yes in my mouth. It’s lost– tangled somewhere in the chains– and my tongue just can’t seem to work the knots out.


What do you do with your old drafts?



  1. I always keep the unfinished and the funny thing is that a lot of times lines from those unfinished pieces, sometimes just a line or two, make it into complete pieces. Even without trying.
    It seems that the incomplete writings were exactly what was needed to get another piece to completion.
    Other times they sit in my notes, collecting dust, but I always keep the unfinished.

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  2. Their unfinished? Perhaps using art terminology I can explain how beautiful these are. In a painting you have negative and positive space. Foreground and background if you will. Sometimes your negative space consists of only lines and shading. Now if you do not have this background your foreground will fall flat. Or if your negative space would be too busy you loose the whole cener of attention.
    Your Vague book posts are like such a painting. Stunning. Authentic. Perfect just as is.

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  3. I save poetry in folders labeled by the month they were written, then by the number of years since I began saving poems (x, xx, etc). This is year triple-x.
    I save longer things under the general heading, “Blog Friday”.
    Over the years, I have revisited maybe 25% of saved stuff and completed them.

    The folders are getting exponentially fatter over the years. Maybe I’ll finally become a “real blogger” one day and post them all.

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  4. I love reading these because it feels like we shouldnt be, because you never originally finished them.

    Also I love the first photo of your hands writing in your in your notebook 😊

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  5. I sometimes have drafts for more than a year. Occasionally, I will discard one, develop another into a full post, or even merge two or three fragments into a coherent whole. One time, I just wrote a post with three disparate and unfinished drafts separated by the html tag for a horizontal line.

    Right now, I have thirteen drafts. The oldest one was last modified on October 18th of 2016.



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