good morning

It’s hard to say when the day starts if you never sleep through a night.
A day can start at 2pm. A day can start at 8pm.

Good morning.
No matter what the sun is doing.

It’s hard to say when a life starts once you’ve climbed out of the rubble of your past life, still breathing.

Good luck.
Even if you did watch your dreams go up in flames.

Today I am feeling good. Like most words and emotional claims, I’m grading on a curve. Ten years ago, I might have called a day like this the worst day of my life.

Today, I know better.
Some days are worse.

Some days blink into such darkness that they can ignore the laws of the sun.

Good morning,
if you’re playing by those rules.

Good luck,
if you’re playing at all.

Good news:
tomorrow is another day.
And you can start it whenever you want.

You don’t have to wait for the little hand to finish its race, for the stars to go into hiding, or for the end of a sleep you could never seem to find.

You can just call it good enough.
You can just wish yourself good luck.
You can just tell yourself good morning.

And a better day could be yours, just like that.

Some days are inherently good.
Some days wink into such brilliance that the sun itself becomes a shadow.

Good luck, my friend.
May your life blink through enough days that you can see all the dreams of your past life still hanging on the stars.

Good morning, my friend.
May your day be so full of light you do not need the sun to tell you when your life begins.

It begins now.