somebody’s one

Ari: Picture shows a four panel cartoon strip. In the first panel, a person is proposing to another person with the words, “I understand now. There’s no choir of angels when you meet the right person. It’s about growing out of your fears to realize what you have is what you want.” In the second panel, the two exchange wedding vows. In the third panel, the couple walks up to a third person and a choir of angels appears in the sky. The last panel shows all three with the words “Well, shit.”
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I remember what it is to be somebody’s One,
but eventually, I might just forget.
And perhaps then I’ll want you to settle for me…
but, lover, I’m not there yet.

[A tiny poem, inspired by a turn of phrase in a conversation with my BFF.]
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Ra Avis is the author of Sack Nasty: Prison Poetry and the girl behind the dinosaur at She is a once-upon-a-time inmate, a reluctantly-optimistic widow, and an exponential storyteller.

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14 thoughts on “somebody’s one

  1. omg…that cartoon strip really made me so sad. I wonder how many people in the world never find their ONE, or sadly find them and then have to lose them? And settling is not the answer either. I overheard a conversation at one of my previous jobs that totally broke my heart. An older man was talking to a colleague about love and marriage. He had lost his ONE several years prior. He was still clearly in love with her as he waxed on about how much she meant to him. In the next breath he said how nice his new wife was, but that she could never hold a candle to his ONE that he lost. My heart broke instantly. I would never want to be the person someone settled for while wishing for another. I have been that person, and I guess that’s why this post has effected me so. I entered into a relationship when I was very young, and when I did so there came a time when I realized that my then boyfriend was in love with someone else, but had settled for me, because he couldn’t have her. Oh he said he loved me, but it was clear, if not then, definitely now, that he never truly got over her and that I would always pale in comparison. No one should have to compete like that. We should all be loved wholly and completely. We should all get to have our ONE. I don’t know how you move on from the person that is your ONE. Maybe you never do. We all hope that never has to happen. Sadly it does happen, and when those that it happens to are grieving I don’t feel it is our place to encourage them to move on and find somebody new. Maybe there never is a new person after that? Maybe there is? Only time will tell. I can say from experience though that it is never a good feeling to be settled for. 😦



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