It’s the final prompt of the Daily Post, and I wouldn’t be anywhere else.  I met so many of you because of their community efforts and nurturing.  It’s very much the end of an era for me, and I know Dave would want to participate too– so here’s two pictures, one of mine and one of his, chosen entirely based on our love for the photo itself.




Camera 360


Thank you, to the staff of the Post.  You are the real all-time favorites. ❤


* Fun coincidence:  I spent some real time going through Dave’s blog, trying to determine which picture he would choose, selecting from photos he had submitted to previous DP challenges.  I narrowed it down to this one and a picture of Perdita the Cat, but based on photography alone, I think he’d select this one.  The little thumb mask is from a quarter machine, which was one of Dave’s all-time favorite things on earth.  My picture was easier selection.  It was a project borne from the prompts, actually– a little dinosaur that I would pose into scenes.  It was only as I put it into this post that I realized my dinosaur was also from one of Dave’s quarter-machine binges.

** I still always carry a quarter for him.


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