three: offline breakup

Feeds rest on interest,
the mutual gaze, voyeur mode:

capturing who we rapture
to give us audience,
seizing who pleases to give us show.

The comments and likes,
the stat falls and spikes:
only freckles in the code.

Feeds rest on interest
status quo, haunted ode.



And the algorithms know.


The prompt here was under the theme of romance poetry, and the prompt was break ups. Day 3 of poems I never quite got figured out!

5 thoughts on “three: offline breakup

  1. At least with an email notification about each post, I can go and see what people are saying on here, even if I’m not able to do so at the time of the post being made.

    Other websites are definitely more confusing to work with.

    PS. Love you, Ra. xx

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