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I’ve been dream-blogging lately. In my dream the other night, I went to church. I haven’t been since prison, unless you count the many memorials and funeral services that I’ve attended since.

In the dream, I came home and blogged about it.
And it felt beautiful, and so right.

Doogie_Howser_MD_290x400-290x300It’s been awhile since blogging has felt right to me, but as I type this now, I have a sort of Doogie Howser surety. This is where I want to be.

This November, to facilitate my re-engagement to blogging, I’m actually going to go on a real life hiatus.  I have a poetry feature on November 10th and Thanksgiving, which are two things I can’t opt out of, but everything else is going to wait.  I’m going to be a Pepper this year, and I’m going to do it well.

As I type that, I’m looking around my room trying to see if the universe heard because I would prefer if she didn’t.  I haven’t had the best luck with enlisting her into my plans.  Every time I make a declaration, something silly gets thrown in my path and I have to obstacle it like a ninja warrior.  Mostly it’s been health issues, and though I’ve tried to give myself plenty of rest, I don’t want it to stop life as a whole.

Flip! Run! Jump! Crawl, crawl, crawl…

This has been yet another year of crawling, but in the next month, I’ll be releasing two more books– The Durgle, which was illustrated by Dave, and Flowers and Stars.

Both will be released through my press which would very very much appreciate your social media support.  In this day and age, sometimes a good like means more to company growth than actual sales.

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I’m obviously way more active everywhere else lately, but I plan on changing that. Do you have any changes up and coming?  Do you have any everywhere-else links I should follow?