100. small pour

I celebrate today like a new year, and this new year rolled in with a Chet Baker song and a small pour of Japanese whisky. I like them both for the same reason– their spirited fullness, their controlled depth.

I want this to be a deep year, a full year, a funny-valentine year, a small-pour-of-whisky year.

I want a curvy fullness– not something bloated with hot air– and honest depth– not a puddle pretending to be a wanting well.

I want a year I can sip wishes on,
a year I can hum warmth into.

And I want it neat.

[And with this post, the exactly-100-word posts return!)


25 thoughts on “100. small pour

  1. Sometimes I feel like that puddle pretending to be a wanting well, scratching at the ground… is there more here, I hope? I want the same things, the fullness. But how is the depth controlled? Is it skillfullness that has the capacity for the honest depth-making? I enjoy this provocative piece.



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