poem: anything but a woman

I wanna man who
makes me feel like a wom– no, a wom
no, no, a wom-bat,
a wombat!

descended from giants,
champion digger.

He should know
I can tunnel through
make my own way

I want a man who
makes me feel like a babe-
a bab– abab– no, abob,
a bobcat!

a swipe away from wild,
champion climber.

He should know
I was built to rise
claw my own way

I want a man who
makes me feel like a ma’am,

no, a ma’am, no, , mam, ma

a mamba!
a snake!
a mamba snake.

A man who hears my hiss
and whispers back:

I see you.
I walk careful.
You’re safe.



Awhile ago, a friend of mine ran into a guy who told her he wanted a woman who made him feel like a man— and this poem happened after I thought way too much about that sentence, haha!