blog chitchat

Today for NanoPoblano, I decided to do some blog maintenance.

First, I changed the theme. Do you like it? I loved the older one because it was so clean, but it had a sort of “if you missed it, you missed it” feel, and that was starting to stress me out.

I made an about page for the seven-millionth-time. You can say hi there now! And I can say hi back. *high five*

I updated the donation link to something more transparent than PayPal but less stressful than Patreon. KoFi has a little $3 donation for coffee, which of course I can’t drink right now– but I like the simplicity of the idea. I also like the way I have a public place to post less serious things, since I’ve been trying to use Facebook and Instagram less.

What other platforms are you on? Do you love them? Do they ever overwhelm you, too?

There’s still a lot of work to do here. I want to go through old posts and make sure they’re tagged correctly. I want to think about how I have the “browse by post topics” sorted because I don’t know if it makes the most sense. I want to change the header to my brighter Rarasaur colors and logo.

I used to have a little testimonials section, and I thought about reviving that.

This feels a lot like when you clean a small part of your home, and then instead of looking cleaner, it just highlights something else that needs cleaning.

Does that happen to anyone else?