milestone: i did this

This year, my roommate and I decided to make a small collection of vintage-inspired Long Beach t-shirts.

Today, we launched them into the world! πŸŽ‰

I actually can’t believe we got it up and running. StrokeBrain has hindered us at every turn, but we did it. The project itself has been renewing for me. It has reminded me time and time again that it is my spirit that pushes forward, and though it’s awfully nice to have my brain go with me, it isn’t necessary.

I’m not going to go on about it here, but because I know y’all love to support– here’s some (free) things you can do.

  1. Follow our Instagram or Facebook page.
  2. If you see something we post that looks cool, share it.
  3. Visit the website and stay for 5 seconds or more, so the algorithm thinks “Oh look, she posted the website and people clicked it, it’s probably very important”
  4. Leave an algorithmically-meaningful (8 words or more) comment on IG or the Facebook page.
  5. Do any of this stuff sometime in the next two weeks.

And if you can’t, you can’t. All good.
I love y’all and I’m just very happy about this, and happy to share it with you. β™₯️ Yay! Look! I’m not completely broken!

There’s hope.

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